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It makes sense how you would not want to deal with ambulance bills when amidst an accident or an unfortunate event in the family. We often wish to pay our ambulance bills later and Myambulancepayments is a commendable site where you can get this done! 

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All you need to do is visit the Myambulancepayments official website. The online portal is open 24 hours and every day of the week. You are not required to pay any extra charges while submitting the fee here! 

In this article, we will show you quickly how the website works and how you can use it to your advantage. 

How Myambulancepayments Works:

We hope that your trip to the hospital is over and you did not have to deal with anything serious! 

As soon as you are home, there will be a mail sent to your box highlighting the total payment that is due. Now we will show you how you can clear the debt by:

How to Make Myambulancepayment Online:

Open your laptop or get the smartphone and type in in the internet browser.

This would take you to their official website. Here, the first you need to provide is the trip number. This would be given on the invoice/receipt that you received. 

After this, you also need to enter the patient’s details, date of birth, 4-digit SSN, and a contact number. 


Check that you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned on the invoice and on the website then click the “Sign in” button. 

Clicking on this button would let you access the main system hosted by the website. Here you can review the account balance, payment history, bill details, etc. 

An electronic version of the bill will also be shown on this window. The detail presented here would include the date of the invoice, address where payment is due, address from where the payment should be made, location, trip number, total fee, and procedure code. 

If you proceed to pay online, you can do so either through pay by check option or by option for credit card payment. 

If you pay through the electronic debit from your checking account, you will need to enter the bank routing number and the account number in order to proceed. 

Note! Myambulancepayments accepts bills via Visa card, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. 

How to Do Mail Payment:

You can also choose to pay by mail. The invoice you receive would have an address at the bottom where the payment is due. You can send in the amount you owe at this address. You have 30 days to clear the bill. 

How to Do Phone Payment:

You can also pay the bills by placing a phone call at 1-800-913-9106. This would get you in contact with Patient Service Representative so you can ask any other queries that you might have as well. 

It is best to call between 6 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. 

You Can Also Share Your Experience With Myambulancepayments Authorities 

If there are any other issues for which you want to get in touch with the authorities, you can click on the Contact Us link on the website. 

You would be asked to provide the trip number, full name, contact number, and Email ID. After this, you can write in your comments, remarks, or questions and click the submit button. 

Is It Safe To Use Myambulancepayments? 

Online payments once seemed like a very cool alternative but the rise of cyber threats and hacks has increased the doubt people have on the safety of electronic payments. 

Therefore, my customers are hesitant in paying a huge amount of bills online especially on the website they have heard about for the first time. 

However, Myambulancepayments is a safe and legit website. Thousands of users around the US get done with their ambulance payments using this portal. Therefore, rest assured that you are in safe hands! 

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