Movies to Watch With the Whole Fam This Thanksgiving

What do you plan to do once you are done eating the whole turkey with your fam? Because we have just the right suggestion for you – how about putting on a family-related movie to get in the holiday spirit? These films are about family dynamics; some super dysfunctional while some could be extremely wholesome, both equally amazing. So, once you are done packing away the leftover and don’t feel like moving anymore, let’s put on some family drama movie to taste the sweetness of feel-good films.

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Now that you are all set to stream movies with your fam, let’s pop some popcorn and put the following films.

1.  Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987)

Who is ready to binge-watch Steve Martin, because we sure are!

The guy knows his magic around the genre of family drama. The movie is more than you might think. It is about understanding where the people around you are coming from – putting yourself in their shoes. Planes, Trains & Automobiles is all about harboring patience and empathy for others while working on your self-confidence.

Control freak Neal Page is trying his hardest to get back to his family just around Thanksgiving, however, his flight changes due to the snowstorm, and now he has to keep his sanity in check. Even worse, Neal is forced to stay with Del, who we must add, he finds annoying. From there on, the two unlikely characters embark on a journey that changes their outlook on life.

Famous Quote: “Well, let me just close this conversation by saying you are one unique individual.”

2.  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving has become an integral part of everyone’s thanksgiving. You just cannot think of ending the day with this wholesome 25-minutes animated classic that everyone has been watching since the ‘70s. The movie caters to an audience of all ages; from kids to adults, and no one can resist the charm that comes with it.

This short family film tells the story of Charlie Brown’s thanksgiving, where Peppermint Patty invites everyone. Meanwhile, Snoopy, the grandson concocts the plan to cook his version of food by enlisting the help of his friends.

Famous Quotes: “Isn’t it peculiar, Charlie Brown, how some traditions just slowly fade away?”

3.  You’ve Got Mail (1998)

As adorable as online romances can go, “You’ve Got Mail” certainly brings magic to your screen with a super cute love story that can melt anyone’s heart instantly. It is set in fall, which screams autumn, and who can even forget that beautiful Thanksgiving scene in which Meg Ryan is rescued by Tom Hanks in the supermarket, the night before turkey day?

The film follows the lives of Kathleen and Joe, who hate each other’s guts in real life but when they meet online and start chatting anonymously, Kathleen and Joe cannot deny the chemistry and spark between them.

Famous Quote: “I Would Send You A Bouquet Of Newly Sharpened Pencils”

4. Knives Out (2019)

Would it be a thanksgiving if you skipped watching an insanely dysfunctional family? No, right? This is why we highly suggest you stream Knives Out with your family. The movie has a whodunit plot, where every member of the family is suspected of the death of the deceased one. From the premise to acting, Knives Out delivers you everything perfectly to the T.

When the crime novelist Harlan Thrombey died mysteriously, detective Benoit Blanc starts his investigation, where he considers everyone in the Thrombey clan to be a possible suspect. But there is a lot more to uncover before he gets to the bottom of this case.

Famous Quote: The family is truly desperate. And when people get desperate, the knives come out.

Summing It Up

Thanksgiving is the time when you connect with your family and what is a better way to bond with them than watching some turkey day specials? So, if you have been looking for a perfect watch for this day, then check the ones we have mentioned in this article and add them to your watch list for this year.

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