Medication Scares Like the Ranitidine Recall: What Are Your Options?

When prescribed a drug, you expect it to help manage the illness you are suffering from. You also expect the drug to be effective and safe. 

Unfortunately, not all drugs turn out to be safe. The latest statistics show that on average the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recalls 21,120 drugs within a 30-day period. 

In 2020, ranitidine (Zantac) was recalled by the FDA. The ranitidine recall is due to the drug containing a harmful carcinogenic ingredient. If you were using ranitidine over the last year, you should keep reading for more information.

What Is a Drug Recall

A drug recall involves the removal or correction of a product that is defective or can potentially cause adverse effects to a person who uses the product. The recall of a drug is one of the most effective ways that the public can be protected from harm and suffering. 

The FDA’s website has a comprehensive list of all the drugs that have been recalled. This website is updated frequently and contains all the necessary information regarding the ranitidine recall.

Contact Your Doctor

If you were using ranitidine before its FDA class 1 recall, you need to contact your prescribing physician. While you may not have experienced any harm, it is important that you see your prescribing physician as you have to undergo a comprehensive assessment to check your health.

The prescribing physician will ask you relevant questions to determine if you were affected by the drug. 

By seeing your physician early, you can receive more information about this drug’s recall. Also, the physician can prescribe you another drug to treat your illness, as well as make sure you’re free from harm.

File a Lawsuit

There is a link present between ranitidine and cancer that was ultimately responsible for the recall. If you experienced suffering after taking ranitidine, consider filing a lawsuit.

Lawsuits are being filed across the United States on behalf of persons who used ranitidine before its recall was announced. You must understand the effects of ranitidine as this knowledge can help you file a lawsuit and increase your likelihood of winning it.

The carcinogenic ingredient has lead to different cancer diagnoses for many persons. Lawyers have found that this drug is responsible for cases of stomach, liver, and bladder cancer. If you file a lawsuit for experiencing harm, there is a chance you may receive compensation for any damage and suffering. 

Were You Affected by the Ranitidine Recall?

At one time, you could purchase ranitidine over the counter and find it in many medicine cabinets. Now, there is evidence that suggests that the carcinogenic ingredient found in this drug can lead to harm.

The ranitidine recall was enacted to protect the public, but chances are you may have already suffered harm. It’s essential to contact your physician and an attorney if you think you have been negatively affected by the drug.

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