What is the Lowes Credit Card Benefits & Rewards

Lowe is an American based home retailer company. Lowe is one of the fortune 500 companies as of 2016. Lowe is one of the largest retail chains in United States. It owns over 1857 stores worldwide. It also employees over 245,000 people around the world. On such a level Lowe also provides one of the best customer care. One of its gestures include Lowes consumer credit card.

Steps for Appling the Lowes Credit Card Benefits

Lowe provides an easy and user friendly procedure to its customers. It takes place in two easy steps:

  1. Apply for the Lowes Credit Card Benefits Program

This can be done by either visiting the nearest Lowe’s store or by applying for it Lowes Credit Card Benefits online through the official Lowe’s website.

  1. Wait for approval

After the approval the customer can make purchases within the limit of his creditworthiness. This card is however only accepted at Lowe retailers and ATM’s.

Its consumer friendly nature allows customers to avoid interest by paying off full balance monthly. However if the customer fails to follow deadline an interest at annual percentage of 26.99% is charged.

What Makes It Better?

  • As Lowe cares for its customers it rewards them a 5% off all the purchases made by their Credit Card.
  • No interest is charged on purchases higher than $299
  • Special financing is provided on purchases of $2000 or more.
  • The special financing can vary from 36, 60 or 84 months. Fixed monthly payments are designed with the special financing offer which can reduce annual percentage rate (APR) by 3.99%, 5.99% and 7.99% respectively.
  • The customers can also pay total payment by minimum monthly payments for consecutive 6 months. If failed to do so the 0% interest is revoked and interest is applied.

How to Sign Up For Lowes Credit Card

You can sign up for your credit card by clicking on this link.

If you already have a Lowe account you can simply type your E-mail address and your password and click on sign in and that’s it.

  • If you don’t have an account then no need to worry simply click on Create a new account button at the bottom and fill the required details on the form.
  • It is a simple 4-step procedure and the customers are well guided through them. After making an account one can just always log back in by following the above given instructions.

Lowes Credit Card Benefits

A Lowe customer can easily get Lowes Credit Card Benefits from Lowe without purchasing the exclusive deals.

Lowe encourages customers to follow their own intuitions and get as much benefit as possible with minimum interest percentages.

Lowe also keeps its customers well informed so they don’t have to face surprise interests on a daily basis. To avoid being the last investor at the race Lowe sends e-mails to its consumers to keep them up-to-date and well informed about their goods. The latest insight and analysis feature allows the users to stay ahead of their game by simply checking their e-mails. To keep in touch with the market why not sign up at Lowe and now become the first at every race.

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