LED Solar Street Lamps

LED Solar Street Lamps

Buying an LED solar street lamp will bring many benefits to your property. These lights are made of durable materials and operate automatically. They can also be controlled from a distance of 39 feet away. Here are a few things to consider:

Durable materials

LED solar street lamps are made with durable materials. They feature an IP65 water-resistant rating and automatic on and off power functions. They produce a high intensity of illumination with uniform, wide-beamed light. In addition, LEDs have a long lifespan, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them frequently. Solar-powered lighting fixtures also don’t require cables, so they’re lightweight and easy to install.

The ECO-WORTHY one solar street lamp features an estimated life of 50 000 hours. It’s made of high-quality materials and features extra-large solar panels. These panels are 15 inches by 40 inches and can store energy for up to four days. The ECO-WORTHY one solar street lamp has a 50,000-hour lifespan, meaning it can use the energy from one day’s sun exposure for up to four days.

Operates automatically

A controller is the key component of a modern solar LED street lamp, which controls the lighting and charging processes. Modern controllers include a battery charger, Led lamp driver, and secondary power supply. They contain a protection circuit, as well as a secondary power supply to ensure that the battery remains charged at all times. This device also controls the battery charging conditions, and receives power from the solar panels during the day.

Since it uses sunlight to generate electricity, a solar street lamp will not require long distance electricity cables. This will reduce the risk of accidents involving electrical cables. It also requires a DC controller to avoid battery damage and to provide light control, timer, temperature compensation, and lightning protection. Another key feature of a solar powered street lamp is its ability to operate without AC power. It can be installed on the sidewalk, along the road, or in any other location.


The price of an LED solar street lamp largely depends on its quality and materials. The higher the quality, the higher the price. The price of a solar street lamp may vary widely, but generally, it is around Rs. 15 – 90,000.

LED solar street lights come in different price ranges. High-quality ones have a long service life – up to eight years – while cheap ones must be replaced every few months or half-years. The low-quality versions usually use cheap lamp beads of low lumens, limiting their service life and requiring a new battery every few months or half-year. The reason for their cheaper price is that they are usually powered by lower power sources to achieve the same brightness.

Service life

The lifespan of a solar street lamp depends on the type of battery used. While lead-acid batteries have a lifespan of 2-4 years, lithium iron phosphate batteries are capable of lasting for up to 5-8 years. To extend the service life of led solar street lamps, you can purchase a bigger battery. The cycle life of a battery is the number of times it can discharge its charge, and a lithium iron phosphate battery can last for 2000 cycles.

LED street lamps are a better option for street lighting because they offer a high level of energy savings and environmental protection. Combined solar and LED street lights are more efficient, cost-effective, and maintenance-free than separate products. The service life of a solar-powered LED street lamp is typically ten years. However, LEDs have a longer service life than incandescent lights, which usually have a lifespan of eight or nine years.

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