Learn about Legal action for a Dog bite injury lawyer

Dog bite incidences are very regular in the USA; approximately more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States. Dog bites often result in muscle damage and tissue injury, as well as scarring for a lifetime.

Luckily, all states of the USA have laws addressing dog bites and attack so, if a dog bites you or your loved one, you should contact the authorities immediately and state your claim. You can also find a good dog bite injury lawyer in Miami or contact a firm that performs all the legal work for your claim.

In the USA states, the dog bite laws are – strict liability, one-bite rule, and negligence law. In most cases, the dog owner is liable for the victim’s injury and suffering except when the victim is trespassing. To pursue legal action, you should first know these laws.

So, what are these laws? 

Strict Liability laws

 A dog owner is responsible for harm caused by their dog if the injured person can show that:

  • Dog bite caused the injury
  • Occurred while the wounded individual was in a public location or lawfully on private property.

One-bite law

A dog owner is not liable for a dog bite unless the wounded person can prove that the owner should have known about their dog’s violent behavior. The term one-bite means the dog has free one bite; after that dog owner is responsible for his dog’s behaviors.

Negligence law:

Some states do not have separate dog bite statutes and instead apply standard negligence laws to dog bite cases. In such states, a person claiming legal rights must show that:

  1. The dog owner responsible for the wounded person
  2. He didn’t perform his responsibility
  3. And the person gets wounded because of that. Like by not following animal control law.

Now, how do you file a claim?

If you want to file a dog bite injury claim below, we have listed a few steps for you for your successful claim.

  • Reporting the incident: Find your local animal control agency and file a report to them. It can later be used as useful documentation as you are seeking compensation. The location of animal control agencies can vary in states; in some states, it can exist with your local police department, humane society, or county health department.
  • Gathering evidence and witness: Well, your local animal control agency will start an investigation of the incidence after reporting, but it is important if you also gather some evidence like note the time, location, and date of incidence. And find any witness who can give statements for you. A proof of violent behavior and previously bitten incidences of the dog.
  • Contacting a dog bite injury lawyer: Though it’s possible to file a dog bite claim on your own, finding a lawyer can make your work easier and faster. It will also help you in getting fair compensation for your damage.

Benefits of having a lawyer:

  1. As the laws vary in states, a lawyer can help you understand your state laws.
  2. Legal advice and preparation of legal statements.
  3. Help you in collecting the evidence for your stronger position
  4. Can help in negotiation with dog owner’s insurance company.
  5. Consulting other legal experts and animal control.

We have provided all the information you would need to pursue legal action for a dog bite injury. Make sure to choose a lawyer with enough experience in this field. Hope the information will help you claim your legal rights and get you fair compensation.

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