Know The Recent Changes That Took Place In Smart TVs

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Over the years, home televisions have evolved significantly, thanks to advanced technology and innovations, fuelled by their increasing demand. For instance, the latest smart TVs have replaced the traditional cable TVs since the last decade. Every year, top TV brands introduce a more advanced version of a smart TV, making the previous models obsolete. 

Keeping this aspect in mind, several brands upgrade their older models to match the standard of the new generation televisions. For example, a few years ago, the demand for Onida TV was expansive as a budget option. Recently, they also have upped their game to compete with other brands available in the market.  If you are Interested to improve your ranking and want someone to help you in graphics work then seo group buy is the best choice for you.

Similarly, most renowned brands have brought innovations by incorporating the latest technology in their televisions. Thus, individuals planning to buy a smart TV in the near future should know what they can expect in that front. 

Latest technology in smart TV 

Following are some of the factors that individuals can look for in their new smart TV.

  • HDR10+

Dolby Vision was launched in the context of HDR to offer the right variant for home television. However, it had some shortfalls, and thus, as a more effective replacement, HDR10+ was launched. Some renowned brands like Samsung, Panasonic, etc., are involved in incorporating this feature into smart TVs. The low cost is one of the USPs of this format. 

  • IMAX Enhanced 

This feature also comes from the perspective of HDR. It is not a different feature. Instead, it is an improvement or upgradation of existing HDR format. This particular specification ensures that one gets the best of 4K version. 

  • 8K

For a long time, 4K Ultra HD TV was immensely popular, until the 8K smart TV arrived. Such televisions are the best for screen size above 80 inches. Since they sport 16 times more pixels than Full HD TV, individuals can enjoy a superior picture quality. 

Along with some international giants like Samsung and LG, this feature can also be found in Onida TV’s premium range. 

  • Micro-LED

One of the latest technologies that have been incorporated into smart TV screen is this Micro LED. It is responsible for offering the brightest and clearest picture possible. A brand like LG has introduced this special screen in limited units. 

  • Hybrid Log Gamma 

This particular feature helps in simplifying the HDR signalling process. Moreover, it is also the best feature to watch content with 4K watermark. 

Keep in mind, these latest smart TV models can cost you substantially. For instance, Sony LED TV price ranges up to around Rs.555000, depending on the specifications. Fortunately, individuals possessing the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card do not have to worry or exhaust their savings to purchase such a smart TV. This card allows them to convert the bill into easy no-cost EMIs. Moreover, it also comes with a pre-sanctioned credit limit of up to Rs.4 lakh that cardholders can utilise to make their purchase.

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With this card in tow, individuals can opt for the latest Onida TV or any other latest smart TV without worrying about budgetary constraints.

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