Is Stock Cpu Cooler Enough For Gaming?

Stock CPU coolers are for cooling of CPUs. They are important in case if you use computers for prolonged periods such as for gaming purposes. But the question arises is stock CPU cooler enough for gaming? Because gameplay requires more than enough time. You can choose Stock CPU Cooler only in case if you’re not going for overlocking.

You may see higher temperatures sometimes but it is enough for cooling down. But if you’re going for overlooking your CPU then you should choose something else. And there are also many aftermarket CPU coolers available like CPU coolers for i9 9900k etc After overlooking, you can’t use Stock CPU Cooler at all.


The stock CPU cooler is the device that can be used for cooling of CPU. This cooling device is included in the box along with hardware such as CPUs, Video Cards, etc. You will find the CPU and fan in the box. That fan is the Stock CPU Cooler. It is a tiny heat sink along with the attachment of a fan. If you are a gamer and you use your computer for long periods then nothing is better than a stock CPU cooler. But don’t forget, it will not work for you if you will overlock your CPU.


It is obvious that when you will use your computer then it will be heated up. To avoid severe damage from heating, stock CPU coolers are necessary. You will see the incredible change in the performance of your computer because it speeds up the performance. The overheating of the CPU can damage the components. The damaged components will generate more heat than normal.

Also, it slows down your computer. To avoid all these difficulties, we should go for a stock CPU cooler. Because cooling should be your first priority if you use your computer for prolonged periods.
Another amazing fact about the CPU coolers is this they increase the lifetime of your CPU. If your components will be heated up on regular basis then their damaging is obvious. In this way, the lifetime of your CPU will get shorten.


As mentioned earlier, stock CPU coolers are for cooling purposes. But they are good only if you are living in an area of moderate climate. Secondly, if you don’t do processor intensive work then you can go for it. It does not support the processor intensive work. If you live in an area having a hotter climate then don’t go for it. Because it will not produce better results. And due to this, the performance of your computer may slow down.

In this case, you should go for any other CPU cooler such as an aftermarket cooler. Check your weather conditions then choose a CPU cooler for yourself. Also, check if you are going processor-intensive work such as gameplay. Read the above article carefully in order to get the accurate answer is stock CPU Cooler enough for gaming or not.

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