Is Bondic stronger than super Glue?

Well, bondic can be used for filling gaps, replacing missing parts, and making or filling the mold. Besides, it’s also useful to shut products permanently to prevent damage and water. Moreover, people use it for controlling strong bonds. 

How does Bondic work?

Bondic is extremely simple to use as it just requires the accompanying 3 simple steps: 

  • Cause a harsh territory where you’ll have to apply it in the event that you need a perpetual fix. Apply adequate sum on the wrecked piece you need to fix. 
  • Open it to UV light with the goal that it can harden. 
  • You can utilize sandpaper to smoothen the repaired surface so it can shroud the retouch or you can cover up it, contingent upon your inclination. 

Attributes of Bondic

The rundown underneath discusses a few attributes of this UV LED plastic welder. 

How does Bondic work?

Water and warmth safe 

Bondic is waterproof and if you need to utilize it, just fix the spilling lines on the metal. And you shouldn’t be worried about perfection. When it evaporates altogether, it is at last water and warmth safe. 

Very strong 

Once you use it to fix something, you don’t need to stress over that part loosening up or turning out to be once more. Bondic’s maintenance is durable. It turns out to be considerably more grounded than it was in its unique state contingent upon how well you layer it on the harmed piece. 


It doesn’t contain any harmful substances or synthetics and is consequently protected to utilize. 

About the Bondic Starter Kit 

Before you choose to purchase Bondic, it’s acceptable to understand what comes in the starter pack: 

The Bottle 

This dark container accompanies sufficient glue for numerous applications. It has a tip like a pen toward one side. 

How Solid Is Bondic?

There is no elasticity data as this profoundly relies upon the extraordinary fixes you make. Strength relies upon the materials being reinforced and the amount of Bondic material is being utilized or layered. 

In certain conditions, it could be a good thought to make your fix in meager layers. By restoring each layer in the middle, you can repair it while guaranteeing the material is altogether relieved.

Likewise, Bondic fixes best on harsh surfaces. For a perpetual bond, we suggest roughening up the territory (with a nail document or sandpaper) before application. Besides, you’ll find the unpleasant material that will lead the bondic to sink into and make a solid hold. So, to have a temporary bond, the surface should be smooth and clean. Impermanent bonds can be taken out with some power or broken off. 

Why Is Bondic Greater Than Super Glue?

As a matter of first importance, it is crucial to bring up that Bondic isn’t glued. Bondic UV liquid plastic welder is superior to stick in light of the fact that: 

You can utilize it on totally anything. Dissimilar to super glue which doesn’t chip away at glass, metal, plastic, wet things, and specific lines, bondic can be utilized to retouch anything. With the perfect measure of layering on the wrecked thing, it accomplishes a solid, perpetual, and furthermore temporary fix contingent upon your inclination. 

It’s undeniable that the tacky and muddled super glue is tough to clean if it pours on any surface. With bondic, then again, you just need to utilize a wet dress of natural substance to clear off any undesirable pouring. 

Final words

Is Bondic stronger than super glue? Hopefully, you’ve got your answer where superglue evaporates rapidly and bondic possibly dries when presented to bright light. 

We bet that after reading this Bondic review you are definitely going to start using this. And stop utilizing super glue. Moreover, once you use it, you can leave it for many days and when you need it, you’ll find it intact. It won’t get dried and you can use it again to repair anything. So obviously Bondic is a thousand times better than super glues available in the market.


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