Importance of a nicely developed app

This articlediscusses the importance of a nicely developed application. If you’re readingthis article, I bet you’re looking for app developers in Australia, and that’s a great decision. Apps havecome a long way in recent years and are now the best way to build yourbusiness. Before deep diving into how to create a great app, take a moment tothink about how much of an impact it can have on your business. If you wantyour customers to love using your product or service, then they need to enjoyevery step along the way from downloading it, through setup and learning howeverything works, all the way up until they need help solving problems withtheir account.

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Reduced downtime

The importance ofa genuinely developed app cannot be understated. Developing an app in a waythat makes it resilient is critical to reducing downtime, which is the mostcommon reason for apps to fail in the marketplace. In order to reduce yourapp’s downtime as much as possible, you need to have an architecture and designthat allows you to quickly deploy fixes or new versions of your application.

Low maintenance

It’s easy toforget that maintenance is a good thing. Despite being a pain point, it alsomeans you’re building something that works. You’re getting closer to your appbeing production-ready. Less maintenance means less time spent on bugs and moretime spent on new features. We all know what it’s like when we have a big ideafor an app feature and then get stuck fixing bugs instead of working on thatnew feature. This can be especially frustrating if the bug fixes aren’tdirectly related to the new feature, so there’s no clear path from where youare now to where you want your app to be in terms of functionality. But lessmaintenance also means better progress for app developers in Australia andeverywhere, towards completing the project.

More conversions

A nicely developedapp will help you to convert more customers. Customers will be more willing tobuy from you, refer their friends and highly likely to come back to your storeif they like your product or service and had a good overall experience. Thismeans that you won’t have to spend money on advertising, because customers aredoing it through word of mouth.

The benefits canbe reaped in the form of some link shares through social media channels likeFacebook shares, Google +1s, Pinterest pins etc., which can help increasetraffic towards those pages.

Community building

The long-termstrategy of successfully building a community involves developing a good app,which will then be used by more people, who are interested in your product andwant to learn more about it. This can help you build a community of users whowill be interested in your product as well as keep them updated with what’s newin the market.

When you’relaunching an app or website, one of the most important things to consider ishow many people will use it and what kind of experience they’ll have whileusing it.


The development ofan app is a big undertaking which requires your time and effort, but it’s worthit in the end. The benefits of developing a good app are many, as discussedabove. Developing a good app is a continuous process and not one of thosethings that you can get right in a single sprint or iteration. Focus ondeveloping your product strategically and over an extended period of time andyou will reap the rewards.

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