Hygiene First: Numerous Ways to Cleaning Your Earbuds

You can play your favorite music out loud with your soundbar and subwoofers, but you can also play it solemnly with your earbuds and enjoy it alone. However, it is a usual dilemma to earbuds users that they do not know how to maintain their cleanliness. Improper hygiene towards your earbuds can heavily affect your health. How can we manage these hygienic problems?  

Preparation: Safety First

Have you tried using your earbuds for quite some time without cleaning it regularly? Have you ever encountered accumulated dirt on your earbuds? This is a common problem since we live in a fast-paced, busy world wherein we do not have all the liberty to do all the necessary stuff. 

There are numerous ways on how to clean earbuds, including the use of cloth, cotton swabs, toothbrushes, etc. We will be discussing how to clean and maintain your earbuds to avoid these dirt clots. Again, this accumulated dirt can affect your health in the long run; you must learn how to get rid of it and keep your ears safe and clean from infection. 

Since we are handling electronic gadgets, you must be mindful of separating gadgetries that might cause electric circuits resulting in product damages. It is more recommendable to unplug any of your charging devices before proceeding to the cleaning procedures. If you also possess these noise-canceling earbuds with silicone tips, remove them with extra care. 

Cleaning Earbuds By Using a Cloth

One of the safest and basic ways of cleaning your stuff is by using a cloth. You get to decide whether to use a dry or damp cloth with alcohol to safely sanitize your earbuds.  Removing dirt is essential to avoid any ear infection and to maintain the earbuds’ quality as this dirt can lead to further malfunctions. 

You have to be particular with the specific parts that you clean to avoid any unnecessary damages. Focus on gently wiping the plastic parts first, then gradually start cleaning the wires. If you used alcohol in wiping your earbuds, make sure that you dry them out first before placing them in their storage. Make sure not to use too much alcohol so you won’t accidentally soak your earbuds. 

Cleaning Earbuds By Using Cotton Swabs

Although cleaning with soft damp cloths is highly recommendable in these situations, the use of cotton swabs goes to a more detailed level of cleaning your earbuds. The opening of your earbuds also require regular cleaning, and these cotton swabs are your best choice to clear them from dirt efficiently. 

Like that of the cloth, you can also apply or dip your cotton swab to alcohol for a more sanitary approach. Keep in mind that you must use a conservative amount of alcohol only to avoid leaving moisture in the crevices of your earbuds. Air-dry your earbuds after cleaning with cotton swabs before returning them to storage for better product safety. 

Cleaning Earbuds By Using a Toothbrush

This procedure is also used in cleaning small corners, tiny objects, rubber shoes, combs, and more. Cleaning using a toothbrush can enhance your cleaning capacity as it has the ability to reach small and deeper areas of small materials. Take note that brushing your earbuds must be done with light force only. 

If you have eye problems, better wear your eyeglasses and double-check those crevices and ear wax stuck in your earbuds, then brush them away with your toothbrush. You have to pick a toothbrush with soft bristles so it won’t break your earbuds.  Although there are no specific toothbrushes required to perform this cleaning, nylon toothbrushes are more recommended as it can better penetrate and sanitize your earbuds’ inner sections. 

Cleaning Earbuds By Using Soap and Water

You can also go back to the basics and clean your stuff with soap and water. This might take more preparation than other methods, but this procedure can assure you that your earbuds are cleaned well. Combining lukewarm water with a puny amount of dishwashing soap will do the trick, then you can start cleansing the plastic parts. 

Take note that you must also not allow any water to enter the earbuds as it could lead to heavy damages. This good mixture can be used together with a cotton swab. Make sure to squeeze the water from your cotton swabs, and work your way to the earbuds’ wires. Do not forget to rinse their silicone tips and dry them up before placing them back on their storage. 

Although the previous methods are useful in keeping more hygienic earbuds, this method is still the most recommendable.  Most people do not have the liberty to do all extra stuff; you must be able to manage your time well and designate a certain time for cleaning with soap and water. Not too often, though, it might also result in severe damages. 

Protecting Your Earbuds

We have discussed several ways of cleaning your earbuds. How do we keep them safe and neat in the first place? Protecting your earbuds must be practiced consistently to avoid these dirt clots and crevices. Consider them to be a part of your body, which requires daily care. 

Keeping them safe and secure can prevent any unnecessary dirt from tethering to your earbuds. You must practice keeping your earbuds in their case to avoid losing them and keep them away from bacterial exposure. Earbuds always have a charging case, maximize their usage, and store them in these cases when not in use. Make sure to sanitize your case protector as well to prevent bacteria build up. 

In A Nutshell 

Technological advancements have made life more convenient and enjoyable. Earbuds allow you to listen to your favorite brain stimulation without the hassle of wires and stuff. But before anything else, we must not forget the importance of hygiene. Sanitizing your earbuds is important to keep your ears healthy. Keep your stuff clean, and a healthier lifestyle will surely follow. Take note of these ways on how to clean your earbuds. 

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