No tourist has ever seen the full splendour Australia has to offer until they have visited the country’s oldest wine region, Hunter Valley. Located to the north of Sydney, this picturesque valley is not only beautiful. Still, it houses some of the most awarded wine-producing areas, some of them being in production since the 1800s. 

Hunter Valley holidays can get visitors to spend their time in several wineries and restaurants set in the valley, many of them nationally and globally recognised. And if that’s not enough, the area also consists of a network of hiking trails and beautiful landmarks that is sure to bring chills to nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. So many different facts and rich history make this landmark a truly original tourist destination filled with kayaking, hot air balloons and hiking. Take a look at some of the best activities to indulge in while undertaking memorable Hunter Valley holidays:

Visiting Vineyards and Wine Tasting: It wouldn’t be fair to start Australia’s oldest wine region without mentioning one of the best activities to do there. And what’s better than to undertake wine tasting in one of the award-winning vineyards in the valley. Plus, many restaurants and places have won global acclaim with signature dishes that people can try out. 

Hiking: As mentioned before, Hunter Valley has a huge network of hiking trails and paths that span across miles. Most notable trails include the one looked after by the Barrington National Park that winds around acres of rainforests surrounded by subalpine and ferns. Wetland spots are also common during these trails, with many areas carpeted by green moss glistening under the noonday sun. 

The Hunter Valley Zoo: Any other best way to experience the valley’s animal life in close perspective? Hunter valley zoo offers a chance for families with kids to interact with koalas and kangaroos and can even feed them and play with them. Ring-tailed lemurs are also notably sought after in the zoo, followed by the white lions. 

Kayaking And Watersports: Those less interested in hiking allow the valleys gushing rivers to offer a diversion. Many rivers cut through the valley’s canyons offering many opportunities for kayaking and canoeing. The Wollemi National Park is famous for these sports in the area as the park also offers a brush up on the aboriginal heritage of the place. Many bushlands surround the park, with wildlife activity prominent along the river banks and near the breathtaking rock formations following them. Kayaks and canoes can be rented for self-exploration, and guided tours are also available. 

City of Newcastle: Located near the Wollemi National Park, Newcastle offers a change of pace for tourists exploring their share of wildlife and riverbanks. One of the country’s busiest ports, many shops and restaurants offer many areas to sit down and take in the sea air. The most famous trail, the Bathers Way, is located close by and open for strolls and walks.  

Hot Air Balloons: Hot air balloon rides are also very common, and rightfully so, they are a once in a lifetime experience during Hunter Valley holidays. Hot air balloons allow tourists to take in the whole landscape of the valley and admire the acres of fields and hills below them. Sunrise is the best time for these rides and is best for couples looking for a romantic getaway. 

Other scenic areas to explore include the Maitland Art Gallery, gardens, luxury spas, and resorts are offering a chance to unwind after a busy day. Many golf courses also adorn the valley offering golfing lessons and classes for excited aspirants. 

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