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Indigo is an American based financial and banking service provider corporation. Indigo is well known for their credit card services to their customers. Their credit card programs comes with MasterCard and visa card logos online on www.myindigocard.com. Making these cards acceptable in majority of the areas around the United States. Indigo offers a variety of credit card options to choose from. Customers can visit their local branch or check online for credit card details and apply for programs they are interested in.

www.myindigocard.com – Use Platinum Master Card

The indigo platinum MasterCard is designed and offered to customers with a low credit score. Customers who have a bad credit score or a FICO score below 600 can avail this offer. Customers can also check if they are pre-approved for this offer. If so, they can apply and get approval within a minute. Having a bad credit makes it hard to get approval from many credit card companies and some which do approve have a high interest rate and many additional charges like late fee, admission fee etc.

Indigo platinum MasterCard not only provides an option for people with bad credit but also a way to improve their credit score. Customer availing this program can gradually rebuilt their credit score by making on time payments and keeping a stable limit in their account.

How to Avail Online Services

Indigo offers online services to their card holders for free. All they have to do is to sign up in their online portal and they can access their account from home anytime using their unique logins. Customers can get started on registration process using the link: indigo.myfinanceservice.com/Register.

Enter in your account number, social security, date of birth, name, address, contact and valid email address. Finally set a username and password and agree to terms and conditions. Submit your form and you are done.

Online Payment

One of the online feature provided is online payment. Just locate and click on the “Payment” option in the menu bar. Now enter in your payment details and make a payment. Online payment is delivered at the spot without delay, so it is the fastest way to transfer your payment.

Customer Contact

For more information or problems, contact 866-946-9545.

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