How we prepare for Battlefield 2042 – get ready.

Battlefield 2042 is right at the corner to storm the game world. The question is, are you preparing for the game? What are the essential tips, tricks, and strategies to ensure a great experience with this game? Well, according to some professional gamers, you must start by grabbing the available battlefield 2042 hacks to equip yourself better for the incomer. 

According to the sneak peek into the game, it will be fantastic and challenging at the same time. The developer has disclosed that there’ll be four seasons throughout the first year. Also, there will be new locations and new Specialists in this latest game. The most amazing news about this game is that the game will be available in Xbox Series, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox Series X, etc. 

So, if you’re fired up as we are, let’s share some important things that we are doing right now to prepare for the game. 

Things to Do Before Battlefield 2042 Release 

  • Find Out More 

If you don’t want Battlefield 2042 to meet you unprepared, why not discover everything there is to the latest release. There is an official Twitter account for the game “Battlefield (@Battlefield)” that you can always follow to get every news, contest, info, etc., about the game. Also, there will be a live event on July 22, 2021, at 10 AM Pacific. Try to connect to it and learn more about the game. The information you gather will guide your decisions when the game comes out. 

  • Horn your skills 

If you’re a newbie to the Battlefield games, why not start now to understand and practice them. The upcoming game is the seventeenth in the series, and playing the older ones should help prepare you for it. Another important thing is that these games will also help you to decide if you’re up for the game or not. Don’t forget; the game is still part of the Battlefield family. The company may change a few things, but they’ll likely retain some core elements that characterize the mechanics. 

  • Grab customization items early 

The fun in customizing your weapons, ammo, character, etc., is unimaginable. With this in mind, retailers offer gamers a way to start early through the pre-order opportunity. Once you place your order, you’ll get the bonuses reserved for early buyers, such as the “landfall Player Card Background,” “Melee Takedown Knife,” “Old Guard tag,” etc. Another bonus is that you can be amongst the first people to play the Open Beta.  

  • Pre-loading gives you faster access.

Another thing we recommend for Battlefield 2042 enthusiasts is to pre-load it before it is released on October 22, 2021. If you want to do that, simply place an early order for its digital version and load it before D-day.  If you can do that, you’ll be the first people to play it immediately it unlocks. But note that buying an expensive edition can also enable you to play it faster. 

  • Grab the Gold or Ultimate Editions 

While many people are buying the standard edition of the upcoming game, why not take it a step further by getting the higher editions. These editions offer more features, and you’re not going to battle with bugs or struggle with the hassles of trying to upgrading later. The truth is that you may find it difficult to upgrade a game edition say, from standard to Gold. So, get the best at first and enjoy everything it offers. 

  • Get a Newer Console

Another important thing to do as we wait for the release date is to prepare the best platform for the game. Many people are still using their older consoles which might be great to a certain level since the game will be available there too. But are you willing to sacrifice the functionalities, capabilities, and features available in the advanced consoles? For instance, someone playing this new game, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, won’t have the same experience with another player using Xbox Series S or PlayStation 5. So, if you’re yet to upgrade, try to do it now. That’s the best way to enjoy Battlefield 2042 to the highest levels. 

  • Get ready with more Download space.

This new game may require more download space than other versions. So, prepare your hard drive for it. If it’s clustered already, you can either de-cluster it or buy another higher-capacity hard drive. You don’t want to slow your device down or even struggle to download the game once it is released. So, make sure you’re ready with the space it needs. 


We have shared our preparatory steps in this article. If you’re new to the game, try playing the older versions to understand the gameplay. Also, if you’re a pro already, you can practice more as we wait for October. Finally, don’t forget to pre-order for the bonuses and get a large capacity hard drive to accommodate the game.  

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