How To Hire Best Driver In Dubai For Sight Seeing

Travel is just as important as the destination. When we focus specifically on choosing our travel destination regardless it is for leisure or for professional purposes, consider the convenience and enjoyment of travel. This is because we tend to spend a lot of time being on the road especially if it is for the purpose of sight-seeing. Thus hiring the best safe driver is imperative.

Selecting the vehicle

Travel Tour operators offer a variety of vehicles such as hatchbacks, sedans, four-wheel drive, and many more for sight-seeing. It all depends on the number of people you are travelling with. For instance, being on a journey with children or having more luggage will probably require a bigger car.

Whereas hatchbacks or other smaller cars are equivalently suitable for shorter group and distance.

Booking the service

Most local travel agencies usually provide a tour car and a safe driver. Additionally, most hotels in Dubai offer the sight-seeing service with a safe driver. However, the important thing to make sure is you get a quality trip regardless of the means where you book your tour from.

Though there are numerous online and offline providers of a safe driver in Dubai, but you must consider the following factors when selecting the sight-seeing service provider

  • Always select a company that provides a safe driver with airport pick-ups and an organized sight-seeing service.
  • Prefer a company that has 24 hours customer service available 7 days a week.
  • Pay attention to price table, and additional costs if any.
  • Go for a company that always provides a backup vehicle in case of a mishap during the journey.

We always recommend taking quotation from multiple service providers, and choose the one that has a wide network around Dubai.

Verify inclusive and exclusive charges

It is always suggested requesting for a quote that clearly indicates inclusive charges for tollgates, fuel, parking, drop off location, pick up location, and more. Though there are companies that do not clarify everything but any service provider that shares all the inclusive and exclusive charges are reliable.

Features of the rented vehicle

If your sight-seeing tour is expected to last the whole day, your safety and comfort should come first. Your rented vehicle must be equipped with a GPRS service for safety reasons. Some other important things to notice are a first aid kit, spare wheels, and a tool kit. Considering a full day trip, the car must have sufficient legroom, luggage space, air conditioning and immaculate

Multilingual driver

Though everyone in Dubai speaks English, but native language skills are important. It is always good to have a driver who can communicate in native language if a need arises for asking directions, restaurants, toilets etc.

Experienced driver

It is essential to make to have an experienced safe driver in Dubai to make your trip enjoyable. An experienced driver can smoothly driver through rough roads, repair blocks, and traffic congestions. 

Cancellation policy

From our experience, we always advise to choose a company that is has flexible cancellation policies in case of unforeseen events. Always go for a company that offers the least deduction upon cancellation.

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