How to Exclude Certain Subscribers from a Broadcast

Subscribers are internet users who have decided to opt-in in the mailing list of a digital marketer. Experienced marketers strongly advise asking the permission of most customers before adding them to the specific compilation of a mailing list. The mailing list is a way for digital merchants to know which people are interested in receiving periodic emails about their products and important updates.

Why Exclude Subscribers from a Broadcast?

Some unique situations and cases require that a digital marketer only sends a chosen set of emails to an exclusive subscriber list. Filtering out people who may not be relevant to an email’s purpose may help avoid disclosure of critical information. It may also help prevent people from receiving messages targeted to a specific group of individuals.

Convertkit has a feature that allows for newly created broadcasts to be launched and delivered to the chosen people. Any digital entrepreneur wanting to message a selected list of individuals may read a few ConvertKit reviews that detail the necessary steps to isolate a broadcast. ConvertKit utilizes a filter function that helps choose subscribers as recipients of a vital broadcast about specific details of a product, updates, upgrades, and changes.

When a digital merchant excludes a list of broadcast subscribers, it ensures that people not listed would not receive the emails. It is an excellent method for delivering messages with purpose directly to a chosen audience. The prevention of information spill-over may assist with protecting the integrity and reputation of the online marketing business.

Steps To Exclude Subscribers from a Broadcast

A digital entrepreneur may want to send a specialized email to a specific group of people. It may be done to avoid sending over complete information to tags and segments of subscribers. For example, people who may have already purchased an item may find it confusing to receive an email about price reductions. 

ConvertKit has a new feature that aims to isolate a group of people belonging to an entrepreneur’s mailing list. These individuals might be subscribed due to their curiosity about the product or service unique to a digital marketer. The Broadcast Recipient Selector feature aims to divide the recipients of a crucial email update or launch a new broadcast.

New Broadcast

Click on “New Broadcast,” and the Recipients page will be shown. The “all subscribers” optional button will be found beside a “add filter” option. The “all subscribers” option helps send an email to all subscribers of a product or service. The “add filter” helps with excluding people not relevant to the purpose of an email.

Add New Filter Group

A digital entrepreneur may want to send an email to most subscribers except a few individuals, not necessarily to a business objective. The marketer may achieve this by activating the “all subscribers” option and “Add New Filter Group.” Now the message would be sent to most subscribers but not to the people under the filtered option.

Add New Filter

After clicking the “Add New Filter Group”, click on the “Add New Filter” option. A tab would be presented with “select to choose from Forms, Sequences, or Tags” options. Then carefully select the “Tag” that needs to be excluded from the email. Change “Matches All” to the “Matches None” category. A marketer can add any number of tags to the filter option.


Subscribers are people that have agreed to be signed into and receive emails from a digital marketer. Excluding people from receiving emails may prevent disclosure of important information about a product or service. It is also a great way to distribute messages to a selected list of individuals without causing chaos and confusion.

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