How to Choose Jewelry According to Your Color Type

Jewelry selection is not that easy as you may think. It often happens that a piece of ornament might look extremely stunning to you, however, once you’ve put it on, you don’t get that feel you expected before. This is because you are only focusing on the appearance of the jewelry and your preference and have neglected your skin color.

This will do no good because skin color is one of the most important factors you need to consider when deciding the right kind of jewelry that looks great on you. Certain metals and gemstones look good on certain skin tones. The contrast of the jewelry item with your skin will be easily noticed since jewelry rests against your skin.

Just like you take your skin tone and color into account while buying makeup, you need to do the same while choosing the jewelry. Whether you wish to choose colored gemstones or gold or silver chains jewelry, make sure it matches with your skin color type.

Identify your skin tone and color type

There is a difference between skin color and skin tone. Your skin color is the overtone and the exterior layer of your skin, which can be affected by the environment. For instance, your skin color will change to a darker or deeper shade if you get sunburnt. In contrast, your skin tone is the undertone, the color beneath the surface of your skin, which stays the same irrespective of the environment. It is usually determined by the amount of melanin or pigment present in your body and is also differed by ethnicity. 

Identifying your undertone is the most appropriate way of finding a charming piece of jewelry that will suit you the best. It is because the skin color can be the same as someone; however, you cannot have the same skin tone. There are three main categories of skin tones, including warm, cool, and neutral. Take a look at the veins inside of your wrists and discover your natural skin tone:

Warm skin tone – if you have greenish colored veins with slight undertones of yellow, you have a warm skin tone. This undertone looks best with yellow, green, rose gold, bronze, and orange. Pick out gold, yellow, and copper stones, such as citrine, zircon, and yellow sapphire. You can also go for green stones, including emerald, alexandrite, peridot, and jade. Orange metals like imperial topaz, moonstone, and spessartite garnet will also look enchanting on warm skin tones. Ruby and red garnet will also rock on this shade of skin. 

Cool skin tone – if your veins look blue or purple with slight pinkish and reddish undertones, you are cool skin-toned. Silver, white gold, and platinum are the go-to colors for this skin shade. It also looks best with blue, purple, and pastel colored gems. Opt for blue sapphire, pearls, amethyst, topaz, fluorite, and aquamarine. You can also try red stones such as ruby, tourmaline, and garnet. 

Neutral skin tone – if your veins are tinted between green and blue colors, you have a neutral skin tone. Both warm and cool colors would go best for you. However, choose jewelry in soft or muted colors rather than bright shades. 

Moreover, people with tanned, honey tone or olive color type skin are the lucky ones because they can look good by wearing just about any jewelry. Nevertheless, if you are still confused with your skin type, choose a diamond, Diamonds won’t go wrong on any skin color! The guidelines mentioned above can apply for selecting the men’s jewelry as well. Go for mens chains jewelry and silver gems if you still can’t decide about your skin tone. 

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