How the Printed Circuit Board Changed the World

 When was the last time you considered what your computer was actually made of? When we think about it computers are a miracle. They are some of the most technical and advanced pieces of machinery humans have ever made and yet we take them for granted on an almost daily basis.

And of the key pieces of equipment in a computer is a printed circuit board which we can find in everything from a cell phone to even our debit cards. 

But what exactly are circuit boards and how did they change the world? Here’s everything you need to know about the printed circuit board assembly. 

What Is a Printed Circuit Board?

Put simply, a printed circuit board is a collection of radios, transistors, connectors, and resistors collected together in one place so that they can all share information with each other.

Like a single cell in a living organism, they are the building blocks of most computer or electronic devices. They first evolved almost 100 years ago as electricity started to become mainstream.

Now, however, the industry is changing once again to incorporate wearable technology such as fitness trackers and smart trainers. Some Printed Circuit Board’s can be created on a digital 3D printer. This tech might well take off in 2021.


Printed Circuit Boards have been instrumental in the medical industry. They have allowed MRI scans and radiation equipment to exist, diagnosing millions of illnesses and conditions all around the world. 

As Printed Circuit Boards have become more compact and more flexible more complex and smaller devices have become a medical reality. One example is the cameras that can be inserted into every tube and hole in your body to diagnose what is wrong with you. 


Printed Circuit Boards are also present in military equipment that requires a highly advanced computer. Many are now created by a printed circuit board machine en-masse.

Think about the drones that patrol parts of the Middle East negating the need for soldiers to be present on the ground and preventing the loss of life of the U.S and other citizens. 

Chips are also present in low-flying helicopters and in the googles of some soldiers enabling their night vision mode so that they can attend conflicts in the dark without detection. 

As technology improves the chips that will be able to withstand a huge amount of force making them useful for commercial travel outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

A Printed Circuit Board Changed the World

Those who came before us and created a printed circuit board changed the world. They have helped us carry out amazing and complicated operations, saving thousands of lives.

They’ve also enabled us to carry computers around with us in our pockets as we hold chips in our smartphones. In the coming decade, they will also be in wearable technology like smartwatches and smart clothing.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the printed circuit board be sure to check out the rest of our site. 

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