How Safe Is Massage Therapy During The Pregnancy?

Pregnancy introduces a couple to the joy of bringing a new life into the world. A baby becomes the center of attraction even before he or she is born. Everyone around gives numerous pieces of advice about how an expecting mother should take care of herself and the about-to-be-born baby.

Most of the advice is important and must be implemented to make the phase of pregnancy easier. Pregnancy causes a headache, back pain, and nausea, to name a few effects of pregnancy. If proper care is not taken, then the condition becomes uncomfortable for the woman. This ultimately affects the baby in the tummy.

Two more common effects of pregnancy are cramps in the legs and indigestion. This can be made better with massage therapy.

Massage therapy helps to reduce anxiety. It also relieves the pain. Most importantly, it reduces stress hormones and keeps the mother and child happy.

When done with proper care, massage therapy is extremely safe and useful during pregnancy. A professional massage therapist in Calgary can help. Consider talking to your doctor about it and booking appointments accordingly.

Fact Check

Having said all of it, massage therapy is completely safe when it is done by a professional with proper care. Let’s understand the safety part in detail.

Start in the second trimester

Pregnancy is generally divided into three parts with three months in each. The first trimester carries the chances of miscarriage if massage is taken without consultation from a doctor.

Massage therapy during pregnancy deals a lot with the circulatory system of a woman’s body. It boosts the blood flow so that it can reach every part of the body. This can be harmful in some instances. Every woman’s body may not be able to handle it.

It is recommended to take self-care during the first trimester. A couple may consider starting massage therapy during the second trimester.

Consider medical conditions

Massage therapy during pregnancy must be done only after every kind of medical condition has been considered by the woman and the therapist.

Some extreme medical conditions include injury to any part of the body, organ transplant, and/or heart disease. Such medical conditions leave strong impacts on the body. They are also required to be treated by the continuous consumption of certain medicines. High blood pressure is another medical condition that must be shared with the therapist. Remember that massage therapy is all about engaging with your circulatory system.

It is important to get approval from your doctor before you start your massage therapy session during the pregnancy. Certain therapists don’t begin a session without receiving confirmation from the doctor. Don’t hide any discomfort from the doctor and therapist. This will only add to your misery.

Check for certification and experience

A massage therapist handles your body for one hour. You maintain zero interference and let the massage therapist do his or her job. That’s a very delicate responsibility that you entrust to him or her.

Every field of practice, especially the ones that deal with medical, is required to have a license or a certificate. It is proof that the person is qualified enough to treat a patient. Every professional has a copy of it hanging in their office. If you don’t come across one then ask them to present it to you. You are allowing someone to massage your body during the most complicated phases of your life. This gives you the right to check their certificate and license.

Confirm the field in which they specialize. A massage therapist can be for patients who are trying to recover from an accident. Every patient requires customized support and the professional must be an expert in that area. You must also check their equipment. A physiotherapy clinic that works especially for pregnant women will have equipment that supports their body during the massage.

Accept yourself

This philosophy applies to every aspect of life. People remain dubious about their looks. This stops them from being confident. A person with less confidence finds it difficult to remain happy in various phases of life.

Similarly, it applies to a pregnant woman. Some changes include weight gain and hair thickness. A woman also faces difficulty in getting her body waxed and shaved.

These changes lower the confidence and that is normal. But with a cute tummy bulging out, people around you don’t notice any of these factors. Hence it is better to remain confident about your body. This will automatically increase happiness hormones and make your pregnancy a much better phase. Additionally, the health of your baby will also remain in good shape.

Ask and share

Ask as many questions as you can. Your questions can be related to the care that you must during the massage and before & after the massage therapy.

Every kind of massage therapy requires you to be in different positions. Don’t stick to them blindly only because the therapist has asked you to. Share the concern that you are facing and ask them to make it more comfortable. Your body might need extra support. A therapist would know about this only if you share the concern.

One example is that you may be required to lie on a bed sideways. Some women find it easy but some women seek a cushion to take support. Some women seek more than one cushion. This is normal and you must tell your therapist about this.

Final Words

One may easily find a clinic for prenatal massage therapy in Calgary by searching for it on the internet. Just ensure to consult a doctor before proceeding with a series of sessions.

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