How Papa John’s Helped Out Families in Louisville

When you buy pizza from Papa John’s, you’re probably drawn to the flavor, fresh ingredients and overall pleasant experience. But you probably give little thought to how your favorite pizza provider gives back to communities all across the nation. If you want one more reason to add to your long list of why to enjoy Papa John’s, consider the fact that Papa Johns CEO Rob Lynch is always looking for good causes to back. Here’s how Papa John’s helped out families in Louisville.

How Papa John’s Helped Fund Pool Access for Families This Summer

When Metro Louisville couldn’t open its public pools due to a shortage of funds, Papa John’s CEO couldn’t stand the thought of kids going the entire summer without stepping foot in a pool. So Papa John’s donated $90,000 to the community to support swim alternatives. The funds helped provide more than 4,000 kids and their families with opportunities to get out and enjoy the water and each other’s company when they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Other Charitable Causes Papa John’s Has Helped Fund

With Rob Lync as Papa John’s CEO, the company has continued its commitment to community outreach and service. Here are a few of the exceptional causes the company has rallied behind in recent months.

  • Lean Into Louisville: Papa John’s has partnered with Mayor Greg Fischer’s initiative to provide a culture of opportunity and equity for everyone in Louisville. This initiative is called Lean Into Louisville, and Papa John’s is proud to be part of it.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America: Every year, Papa John’s team members volunteer at Boys & Girls Clubs of America to participate in a day of service. During this day of service, different Papa John’s franchises get involved with their local boys & Girls Clubs of America to help with pizza parties and other fun activities. Papa John’s also offers financial support for the popular Youth of the Year events. These activities help support local youth and encourage them to improve their lives and their communities.
  • Bennett College: Papa Johns CEO is proud to support students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities. He does this by donating money and funding scholarships. In 2019 alone, Papa John’s donated approximately $500,000 to Bennett College to support the continuing education of women of color.
  • Various Donations: In addition to all of the great causes Papa John’s has contributed to above, they have also donated and delivered pizza to many great local charities and essential businesses, including: The Salvation Army, food banks, homeless shelters, hospitals, Make-A-Wish Foundation, fire departments, Volunteers of America, police departments, and many more.

As you can see, Papa John’s has a rich history and deep commitment to supporting and furthering the cause of many worthy organizations in local communities. Who knew the same company that provides you with the best flavors in the industry was also so committed to making the world a better place?

There’s no better way to thank Papa Johns CEO Rob Lynch and all hard-working Papa John’s team members for their efforts than by enjoying their pizza. Consider ordering your favorite flavor for lunch or dinner today.  

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