How Long the TV Aerial Installation Last

Are you interested to have a tv aerial set up at your home? Or you have recently installed the tv aerial set then for sure you want to know the actual life span of the tv aerial installation. I have seen this question many times on forum discussion, on comments on blogs. The reason behind the question is you could plan the cost of the tv aerial installation for future. In this article we will discuss how long your tv aerial setup could last, and what actually affects the lifespan of the tv aerial.

If your TV aerial has been installed professionally then it could last in 10 to 20 years. It is just an estimated time it could last before the range or after the range. I have seen people using the TV aerial for 30 years without facing any problems. The factor is the tv aerial should be installed professionally and accurately. So if the tv aerial is not installed professionally and correctly it will reduce the lifespan of the tv aerial and can also affect on the picture quality of the channels. So you have to learn more before getting any tv aerial set up.

What Actually Affect the Lifespan of the TV Aerial

There are lots of factors that can reduce the life of the tv aerial set up, the majority of them are discussed below.

1. Installation on Too High

If you are installing the tv aerial on height it could help you in avoiding the trees, but the problem is it could create interruption in receiving the signals. So make sure the place you have chosen for the tv aerial set up is not high, and there is no tree. This is how you could get the good signals, and your tab aerial doesn’t need to be set up.

2. Over Tightened the Bolt

Sometimes the over tightening of the bolt could be the reason for the tv aerial break. The over tightening of the bolt could weaken the mast, and the one more problem is whenever you need to open the set up you will face difficulty in opening the bolt.

3. Electric Storm

If your TV aerial is on high then there will be chances of getting damage from the electric storm, because on height the pole could not give much support.

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