How Can I Stream Media to My XBOX 360 from my Windows XP Machine?

Xbox 360 has Windows Media Extender Technology as an inbuilt feature. This means it can decode music, pictures, and television from your Windows PC (media center 2005). Not only from Windows Media Center 2005 PC but from a regular Windows XP PC or Service Pack 2.

You need a software to stream media from Windows Media Center 2005 to Xbox 360. From your PC, install the Update Rollup 2 for your Xbox 360. You can install the software by launching this website. More information about the Rollup is available on this site.

If you are a Windows Xp SP2 user, you need to download Windows Media Connect 2.0 to stream media from Xbox 360 to Windows Pc. Windows Media Connect 2.0 is now one click away! It is through the following URL.
Xbox 360 users can visit this site to begin their streaming experience and to get a front-end and additional logic for standard Windows Media Connect installation.

Moreover, it performs additional configuration Windows Media Center 2005 Machines. Now that you have installed Windows Media Connect, you can launch it via control panel.

Method to Stream Media Directly From your PC to Xbox 360

Through your Xbox 360’s Setting menu, you will manage rest of the configuration settings. Select Computer as the source and stream media directly from your Pc to Xbox 360.

Perks of connecting Xbox 360 to Windows Media Center 2005 are infinite. Of course, you will get an enhanced insight in Xbox 360 and Windows Media Center 2005.
Pay attention to the following:
• When the installation of Windows Media Connect is taking place, Windows Firewall will open the necessary ports for you.

• Make sure these following ports are opened:

• – TCP –2869, 10243
• – UDP –1900, 10280, 10281, 10282, 10283, 10284.
Windows media connect can connect automatically with other Digital Media Receptors.
Want to know more about Windows Media Connect? Follow this link:
Windows Media Connect Info.

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