How Allen Mugs Have Established Them As A Plastic Bottle Buyers?

Single-use plastics have caused a lot of environmental devastation. They have impacted almost every facet of the environment, including the poisoning of the soil and turning it barren. Such unhealthy practices have also contributed to the degradation of the rivers, increasing the mortality of marine life.

Most animals have unintentionally consumed plastic over the course of their lives, and many have even succumbed to it. Considering this terrifying picture, many organizations have come forward with sustainable products and services, and Allen Mugs is one of them. 

Offering people an alternative to single-use plastics, Allen Mugs comes in with eco-friendly products, especially bottles and mugs. By being multiple-use plastic bottles importers that reduce interference with the environment, they are continuously helping in restoring the environment and cutting down on disposable plastic.

How Has Trade Data Helped Their Efforts?

The Allen Mugs company has established itself as a modern-day eco-warrior by giving people the choice to go sustainable, a path that might have been full of hurdles previously. With the help of a trade data company to connect them to supplies, they have become one of America’s biggest plastic bottle buyers.

Through intelligent trade data insights, they have been able to import these bottles from countries like China and Hong Kong. This has proven their worth in international trades while also increasing their visibility because of their environmental-friendly business.

Products Offered By Allen Mugs

The Allen Mugs company offers a variety of ready-made products, some of which can be customized. They offer products both made of plastic and made from metals and take orders for the customization of mugs and other items.

  1. EcoVessel

The EcoVessel is an ergonomically designed tumbler perfect for those who want to explore the great outdoors. It dramatically cuts down on the use of single-use plastic, and the steel silicone build of the tumbler allows it to maintain optimal temperature. It can also be used for everyday use. 

Allen Mugs believes in ‘giving back’ with each sale they make. With every purchase, including the EcoVessel, the Allen Mugs company donates towards the clean drinking water. This initiative has created market buzz and appreciation for the company, thereby boosting its sales.

2.Circular Cups

The circular cups range of products is the first in the world made from recycled coffee cups.  Each cup utilizes six recycled single-use coffee cups in its manufacturing. It has driven the need to recycle plastic, therefore opening an alternate door to plastic disposals. 

What adds the cherry on the cake is that the customers can use it for ten whole years, after which they can recycle it again! With such innovative ideas and designs, Allen Mugs have diverted more audience to its products and has become the popular plastic bottles buyers worldwide.


Just because straws are toxic for the environment doesn’t mean people should forgo this luxury that adds another dimension of fun to your drink. With Strawsome, customers get reusable straws designed as substitutes for single-use plastic straws. 

The glory of this product lies in being oven, dishwasher, freezer, and even microwave safe. It also comes with a straw cleaner to make sure the straws are squeaky clean in between uses.

4.Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle is a vast range of products with different kinds of water bottles made from plastic, all designed to cater to every need. Having become a trademark in itself for the company, this product has helped Allen Mugs establish itself as one of the leading plastic bottles importers.

It is the most diverse line the Allen Mugs company has. It includes a sports mixer bottle with a detachable rod that can either be frozen or heated to change the temperature to your convenience, besides providing a classic, standard plastic bottle.

The Go Stack, another product offered by Allen Mugs, comprises a detachable handle and compartments. Thus, it acts as a water bottle as well as a container. The Go Stack has four detachable compartments, while the Pro Stack, a similar product, has two.


Bev2Go is a product aimed to bring slight relaxation to people running late or are on the go. The convenience offered is in terms of a stemless wine glass with a cap and straw to avoid spilling drinks. It is the perfect container for people who avoid carrying the coffee cup here and there, lest it gets split.

How Did Allen Mugs Achieve This?

Strategies help, but to get such revolutionary plans in place, one needs to have a strong vision and will to bring a change. The credit goes to the company as a whole, the birthing brains behind this venture and the people taking it forward, the employees and their customers. 

Allen Mugs have proved that such success stories aren’t achieved overnight. Instead, they take their time to get seasoned and flavored properly to beget a taste worth remembrance and appreciation.

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