Horsepower: Some Of The Interesting Facts About Horses

These magnificent creatures have been coexisting with humans for a very long time now. We have mostly used them for battle, travel, and trade. You can say that our current civilization was built from the back of the horses. Horses have been beneficial since the day humans learned to ride and make use of them.

Today, many industries still use horses as their primary mode of transport, but only a few left. The main thing that horses are being used for in this generation is entertainment only, like horseback riding, horse racing, and POLO. Most of these things are only accessible to people with the ability and money to purchase horses.

Horses Names Varies As They Age

One of the most exciting horse facts is about their names. There are a lot of different names given to a horse, depending on their age and gender. All horses under a year old are called foals, and once they grew up between 1 and 2 years of age, they are called yearlings, and once they reach 2-4 years of age, they are called colts.

Regarding their gender, all-female horses under four years of age are called fillies, but once they reach over four years of age, their names are immediately changed to mares. While their male counterparts under the age of 4 are called stallions, that is, if they stay uncastrated. But once they reach the age of over four years, they are called geldings.

Quintessential Vision

The other most interesting of all the horse facts are about their sight. They have an almost perfect view with a 350° vision since their eyes are on the side of their heads. It is also known that horses have the most prominent eyes of all the animals in the world. They have evolved to have these eyes so they could protect themselves.

Oldest Worker Horse That Lived

One horse is known to be the oldest working horse to have lived, and that is Old Billy. Born and raised in the late 1760s in England, Old Billy worked his entire life hauling flatboats back and forth in canals all day and lived until 1822. That means he got to retire at 62. After death, Old Billy’s head was preserved and kept in the Museum in Manchester.

Race Horses Have The Same Birthday

For competition’s sake, all racing horses disregard their actual birthdays. Instead, they follow the same birthday with the other horses set—August 1st in the Southernmost part of the Hemisphere and January 1st in all competition horses in the Northern Hemisphere. Talk about brothers and sisters in arms.

Training To Be Riding Horses

It is a basic rule of thumb that all riding horses cannot be ridden until they are five years and above. This is to make sure that all their bone density finishes developing and gets stronger. This will ensure that all the horses would not be put at any unnecessary risk, causing a tragedy. 

Even with this rule, they are trained to get used to wearing saddles and harnesses as young as two years old. But others start their training once they reach four years of age to have an entire year to be familiarized and get used to wearing equipment and saddles.

Horses Have Multiple Categories For Their Breed

First is the cold-blooded horses, which are bred to have exceptional strength, making them the most suitable horses that can bear with all the hard work. These are the working horses. The other breed of these magnificent animals is the hot-blooded horses. They are bred and built to have superior speed and stamina compared to the other species. 

Hot-blooded horses are the breed that provides all the competition horses. Last but not least, they have warm-blooded horses. This breed is a mix of hot-blooded and cold-blooded horses. These breeds are the ones who are usually used for horseback riding and other entertainment horses since they are considered impure.

The Only Remaining Wild Horse Breed In The World

There is another breed known to the horse family. Unlike their counterparts, this is not a breed that one talks about too often since they only have one family left. And that is the wild horses of Przewalski. These breeds of horses are local to the Mongolian side. These horses have beefy bodies and small legs, which means they are made to work.

Horses Also Breed With Other Animals

It may sound strange, which it is, but the only other animals that they breed with are horse-like animals also, which includes donkeys. This union usually results in their young called the mules and ninnies. Mules result from a collaboration of a male donkey and a female horse, while ninnies are from male horses and female donkeys.

Horseshoes are for protecting their feet.

All horse owners and breeders put horseshoes on their horses to keep their hooves from wearing out. Even if they are made with hard aluminum or steel, they will still wear out from the repeated step on the ground. That is why almost all horses you will see have horseshoes on them, and they change it every month.

Changing their horseshoes does not hurt them, even if it needs to be nailed to their hooves. It is most commonly compared to trimming a human’s nails. There are also alternatives to their horseshoe. They can use plastic, rubber, titanium, copper, and magnesium.


We consider horses being majestic creatures because of their poise and, of course, their long thick hairs. But even though they are very much looked up to, they are still used in many ways, even hurting the horses. This leads to their population decreasing, and overtime, it will not be surprising if they end up extinct. 

So take care of horses. Some are made to work, some are made to compete, and just for entertainment, they are still living creatures on this planet. That is why people should tone down on the difficult things that they are doing with horses.

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