Horse racing betting: the guide to get started

Betting on horse races has become a real passion for many people. In addition, it is no longer necessary to go to the racetrack to play. Everything is done on the Internet. There are many types of live horse betting, you can bet online .So decided to join turf enthusiasts? The advantages abound. But to start well, there is some knowledge to be had. Precisely, this article answers the questions most asked by beginners.

The turf, a game of chance?

It is often said that horse or turf betting is a game of chance . This is not completely wrong. However, it is not just luck that comes into play, because above all else, horse racing is a sport in its own right. Thus, there are several parameters to consider when choosing the winners. Among other things, we mention the shape of the horse, the quality of the jockey and their specialty.

What types of horse races can you bet on?

Before you bet your money and hope to win, it is important to understand the differences between the races offered. They will not concern the same horses and will each have their own specificities to be taken into account for your bet on the internet.

  • Flat races: they pit horses (most often thoroughbreds) at the pace of a gallop over distances ranging from one kilometer to almost three. The quality of the pitch is essential information for the player, because it strongly influences the performance of the competitors.
  • Obstacle races: as with flat races, the horse’s gait is galloping. However, the route differs with the presence of obstacles to cross (hedge, wall, basin, etc.). Races of this type are also contested over a longer distance.
  • Trotting races: the horse must absolutely stay at an unnatural gait for him – namely the regular trot – on pain of disqualification. These races are practiced with the jockey on the horse (we speak of mounted trot) or with a pilot installed in a sulky (harnessed trot).

The different types of horse betting

The simple game

This is the perfect game for beginners because it is the one that requires the least learning. It is a question of betting on a single horse. To have a chance that the bet wins, the horse you bet on will have to win the race. As part of a “place bet”, your horse will have to finish the race in one of the first three places. Some operators go as far as the first four.

The combination game

As the name suggests, your goal will be to bet no longer on one horse, but on several. Take the example of a very well-known game: the quinté offered by the PMU . It’s about finding the top five horses in a race knowing that you’ll get more money by finding the right order. It is also possible to determine “bases”, that is to say horses that you certainly see on arrival. You will then associate these bases with other horses which will have the effect of multiplying the combinations of play (and therefore your chances of winning). This kind of game is recommended above all for the most experienced players.

Some recommendations to earn money

It seems necessary that you understand that you are betting your money on living things . Horses are real athletes with their peaks of form and their slowing down. A sometimes trivial event such as soggy ground, an unknown racetrack or an illness can disrupt the machine.

Real racers talk about “doing the paper” when they think about their bets. To find the right horses, it is indeed necessary to engage in a real detective investigation: to analyze the last performances of each competitor, his aptitude for the proposed ground, the past clashes between these horses, etc. This process takes time, but it is very important for success.

Finally, do not neglect the men who surround the horses either. Pay attention to the form of coaches and jockeys , as they too cannot perform well throughout the year. Like top-level athletes, they also experience slower periods. So listen to the opinion of other turfists on the internet, it can be a significant mine of information. But never let yourself be totally influenced: it is you alone who will make the decision of the end game, because you invest your personal money.

What are the precautions for a beginner?

Are you new to horse betting? It is strongly advised not to play on races with handicaps while galloping . It’s difficult to determine the winner without starting a careful study. Also, consider favoring the horses that have the most chances of winning the game, that is, those with the weakest odds. Finally, avoid wagering too much early on. You have to start little by little.

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