Five Budget-Friendly Home Decoration Tips: Stylize your Home in Less time 

If your home decoration and renovation are due you can do plenty of things to transform the outlook of your rooms. Even with little budget and less time you can change the rooms completely by adding a few creative decorative ornaments. Here are some of the easiest home decoration ideas for those who don’t have enough budget in hand to do so.

Reading Book

Don’t have any corner reading nook to read your favorite novels in free time? You need not to have a designated real estate property to add a small library to the floor plan of your home.

Pick a space either under the stair or in the living room to transform into a nice reading nook. Just pick a nice spot, put a small soft or entry bench with the drawers. Put a thickly padded cover or mattress over the sofa or bench to make it comfy to sit. Some book readers turn their comfortable formal living room into a lounge area by placing a small sofa set near the window. Putting a closet full of books and journals behind the sofa would set up a perfect reading nook without your having to spend a lot of money.

Dark Paint Colors

You might be thinking that white or all hues of light paint colors bring sophisticated homey vibes to a space. However, the truth is all Victorian Gothic homes still have black accent walls in the bedroom combined with the eclectic furniture. Black wall paint is a new trend in the 2st century. To set the theme right, you should pick the right furniture to lend a nice color combos to the darkness of the space.

Create exquisiteness by adding metallic wall accents behind the bedding set. Regardless of how simple your queen or king bed set it, you can always add splash of colors to the room, adding ornaments and wall paintings behind the headboard. 

Fireplace Decoration

There are tons of fireplace mantel decoration ideas. You can take the decoration to the next level by adding textured-rich ornaments to the mantel that blend well with the wall of the lounge and living room. Rethink about styling the fireplace by using pottery, handwork, embroidery work and classic art. It’s totally your space, turn it into a gallery or add more of modern touch to it by using modern time candle stands along with the family picture frames.

Roman Shades

The importance of proper window treatment should never be overlooked when it comes to restyling the old bedroom windows. Use vintage style roman shades for windows, however, the design should be easy on your eyes. Too dark window shades may simply block away the sunlight but also interrupt with the aesthetic of the space. Therefore, you have to choose the pattern taking into consideration the wall art or wall textures of the room.

Breakfast Nook

Don’t have a nice built-in nook? You can set up one yourself for family breakfast. Keep it simply by adding a nice country chic breakfast table with the rustic chairs.  Pick the chairs according to the family members living in the home and coming everyday to table for breakfast daily in the morning.

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