Here’s Everything You Should Know About Attendance Management Software

In March this year, when COVID-19 forced organizations to suddenly shift from offices to remote working, almost every business in India worked extra to create infrastructure, set up network configurations that were required to provide virtual connectivity to all employee groups. After the initial confusion, working individuals settled into a rhythm, enjoying the novelty of working from Home (WFH), evading the daily commute to work and those needless diversions that often take up precious time during our workday. But as time passed, employees, employers, and HR managers started facing serious problems such as decreased productivity, engagement, and much more. If HR professionals are considered, they struggled to carry out their routine tasks on time. But things are not the same anymore. Now, nine months later, people are able to work from their homes without much stress. All thanks to technology. Need to mention, automated software has helped companies to solve WFH challenges to a great extent. Out of all, attendance management systems are the talk of the town lately. Such systems are currently being used by more than 450 companies in India.

If you do not have any idea about such systems, you are certainly at the right place now. In this blog, we will talk about everything about attendance systems you should know about. Let’s dive in.

What is an attendance management system?

Attendance management software is an automated software tool that is designed to streamline and optimize the whole attendance management process. Attendance systems assist HR professionals to manage attendance in just a few clicks. From tracking the attendance of employees to recording them systematically, the right software can do everything with a bare minimum of human supervision.


Here are some of the top advantages of using attendance management software while working remotely:

  • Provides Accuracy

Since attendance is used to calculate payroll, it is acutely important to ensure accuracy while managing it. Talking about traditional tools, they are not just inefficient but also error-prone. Considering the same, attendance management software is the best replacement for every manual/outdated tool. Such systems are fully-automated that allow HR managers to track and calculate every employees’ attendance promptly. With minimum human involvement required, attendance systems make sure that no human or unintended mistakes are made along the way.

  • Boosts Productivity

As mentioned in the above point, automated attendance management software performs all tasks on its own. All an HR manager needs to do is give the necessary command and the software takes care of the rest. That means no HR will ever have to spend a large chunk of time juggling with papers or jumping from one spreadsheet to another. Attendance systems not just track employees’ attendance in real-time but also records the same securely for future purposes, thereby decreasing a lot of repetitive admin work for HRs.

  • Eliminates Costs

One of the biggest myths related to automated software is they are costly. Truth be told, the Indian market is filled with attendance software options, which come at pocket-friendly prices.

Besides, the right system can even avoid unnecessary expenses of a company. All in all, attendance management software is a steal that does not burn a hole in employers’ pockets.

  • Improves Legal Compliance

HR managers are expected to keep track of the changing laws and new amendments. However, it usually becomes a little tedious while working remotely. Amid managing a host of HR operations, HRs fail to stay updated about legal requirements. This calls for attendance management software!

The top-notch attendance systems in India comes with an automated notifications feature that sends alerts to HRs whenever any new regulations are proposed, thereby helping the businesses to avoid hefty fines and serious legal consequences in COVID times.

That is it.
We hope this blog helped you to learn more about attendance management software. So, it is time for you to take a step ahead and implement one of the best attendance and HR software in India for your company.

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