Great Ways to Optimize Your PPC Performance

PPC advertising is the most effective form of a digital marketing company. It operates on a pay-per-click basis which means when ads are clicked on by a user while surfing the net, the advertiser pays a necessary fee to Google.

PPC advertising brings targeted and qualified leads to your website which would provide genuine customers.

Achieving business success using PPC advertising is nothing more but simply optimizing your PPC campaigns expertly and avoiding the common mistakes.

Top 6 Ways To Optimize Your PPC Performance

1. Define your goal

Everythings needs a goal, as do PPC services. Without having a definite and realistic goal, you will never be able to optimize your PPC advertising. Goals are the basic foundation of your optimization process. It is extremely important to know that you have a planned roadmap to follow before starting with the advertising. The optimization process of your PPC advertisements depends on the goals you want to achieve

2. Focus on high-performing keywords

To optimize your PPC campaigns, you need to always have a tab on the performance of your keywords. Keywords are the building blocks of any campaigns, so it is essential to have a constant check on them. Search for keywords who have a high search volume and are paying you back. Your top-performing keywords are the revenue earners for you. It is an obvious fact that you should focus on these keywords. Mix it up a bit although. Don’t solely rely on these keywords all the time. Keep introducing changes to these keywords.

3. Remove out low-performing keywords

While on one hand there are keywords that are top performers, there will be some keywords which do not perform as expected and hurt the overall performance of the campaign. These keywords do not help in attracting traffic or conversions and just waste your advertising spend. After close consideration of the performance of your keywords, filter out the keywords that are not performing well. There are 3 types of non-performing keywords.

  • Some keywords have no impressions.
  • Some keywords have impressions but no clicks.
  • Lastly, some keywords have clicks but no conversions.

4. Optimize your keyword bids

Create a negative keyword list and extract your non-performing keywords. After this, accommodate your keyword bids so that you keep fighting for the top spot. Bid optimization totally depends on your marketing ideas and is hardly the same for any two different campaigns. Bidding options that improve the performance of PPC Services:

(I) Manual Bidding

(II) Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) Bidding

(III) Target ROAS Bidding

5. Put in multiple Ad Extensions

Extensions are the ad formats which provide additional information about your product. When you give out information about your products or your company, you help your customers bond with you and your products on a personal note. Ad Extensions improve your visibility on a wider audience and also increase the CTR and improve the overall ROI score.

6. Make your landing page impeccable

Ad copy and landing page complement each other. The ad copy will work at its ideal level only if it is in sync with its correct landing page. Some advertisers make a common mistake of directing customers directly to the homepage or creating a simple landing page for every ad in its campaigns. Highlight the benefits, features and the USP in your landing page that you quoted in your ad copy to safeguard your consistency.


PPC requires constant monitoring for it to perform the best possible outcome. Stand apart from your competitors, you do need to have that urge of doing better every single day. If you take into account these optimization tips, you will positively improve your digital marketing company’s performance and also enjoy the better results it will provide.

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