Great Apps for Pranks and Prank Calling

There has never been abetter time to play your favorite pranks like the present. Since prank appshave taken the world by storm, traditional gags are slowly being replaced bysmartphone apps.

So what is a prank appexactly? Basically put, it’s an application made exclusively for users to playpractical jokes on their friends. Thanks to developers’ creative minds today,there is a tonne of new prank ideas with unique features. 

If you’re new to prankcalling and prank apps in general, take a look at our top picks of 2020. 

Let’s start!


The silver-tongued voicecomedian who brought you the legendary OwnagePranks youtube channel along withtheir famous characters has now released his very own prank

calling app.

This prank calling app certainly lives up to the name, containing an enormous selection of prerecorded calls (100+) with new scripts added daily. Prerecordings are automated to play once your friend answers the phone, so you can listen back and enjoy their hilarious reactions.

Each call offers a uniqueprank scenario that has a selection so diverse it suits just about anysituation – a pizza delivery driver insisting you made a huge order or an angryboyfriend threatening you to stay away from his girl. Familiar characters fromtheir youtube channel are also heavily featured, like Buk Lau and TyronneBiggums. 

Apart from excellent voiceacting, many scripts also enable users to play various accents giving you moreversatility to your prank calls. 

In case you’re dubious ofhow realistic an automated prerecording could possibly be, fear not, as the apphas a speech recognition AI for this very purpose. During conversations, the AIcan recognize keywords and detect silence, so responses are timely and fluent,just like a real person.


  • Well over 100 prerecorded callswith new scripts added daily
  • Different accents offered inscripts
  • Users can call landline andmobile numbers
  • Calls are saved to your profilesection, letting you listen again right after

CelebrityVoice Changer – Sound 

Celebrity Voice Changer –Sound is an excellent app, giving users different options when fooling theirbuddies. If you happen to speak in a highly recognizable way, installing thisvoice changer can provide a quick solution.

Whether you want to changeyour voice for prank calls, videos, or to make for audio clips online, this appcan instantly transform your speaking voice with different sound effectsoffered. Speak like Michael Jackson, Hulk Hogan, and other famous celebritiesby clicking on their voice gallery.

To use the app, make aprerecording by using the record function. After you’ve said your prank spieland saved it, you will be able to apply any of the celebrity effects on offer.A generated video will also be displayed, playing back your voice so you canhear first hand how you sound. What makes this app a particular standout is itsvoice options selection, as many similar apps only let users adjust theirpitch. 

Main Features

  • Changes your voice with multiplecelebrity voices options
  • Make a prerecording to applyvarious effects
  • Ideal for prank calls, so youremain anonymous every time you call

ScareYour Friends- JOKE!

Why does everyone waituntil Halloween to play scary pranks? We think practical jokes that creatememorable jump-scares happen to be the best out there. With this prank app,you’ll be able to frighten your friends at any time. 

‘Scare Your Friends-JOKE!’ is far more effective when played on someone else’s phone than your own,as it’s far more unsuspecting. If you can, when they leave the room, slylyinstall them app without them knowing suspicion. 

Once you’ve got the hardpart out of the way, it’s a relatively simple process. After launching, you’llhave access to a gallery full of scary pictures and sounds from which you canselect from. Some of these scary images include Angry Rat, Stretched Face, andmany more. 

After selecting yourterrifying combination, specify when you want to scary duo to appear on thephone. And once your friend begins using their phone, the prank will playregardless of what app is being used.

Main features

  • A fun selection of scary imagesand sounds in their gallery
  • After picking the image andsound, choose what time you want the prank to play

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