Good Questions to Ask While Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

While the number of fatal car accidents is on the decline for the third year in a row, the roads are still far from safe. Inexperienced drivers, distractions, intoxication, drug use, and even drowsiness all lead to hundreds of thousands of at-fault crashes each year.

If you’re the victim of a car crash, you might be entitled to compensation for injuries, damages, or loss of life. You shouldn’t attempt to pursue legal action on your own, though. Instead, do your research to find the best car accident attorney to represent your case.

For a list of good questions to ask when vetting a car accident lawyer, read on.

What Is Your Law Specialty?

When you find an accident lawyer in your area, this is always the first question you should ask. For the same reason you wouldn’t have a podiatrist treat your heart condition, you shouldn’t have anyone other than a car accident and personal injury lawyer handle your case.

Once you’ve confirmed their specialty, ask more in-depth questions about their experience. Have they successfully handled cases like yours in the past? If not, it’s best to continue your search.

How Do Your Fees Work?

Attorneys don’t always work for a flat rate. That’s why you should always ask a lawyer about their fee structure before deciding to work with them.

Some lawyers charge by the hour, some charge a retainer fee, and others work on contingency (they only get compensated if they win). If you’re concerned about the cost of legal proceedings, make sure to clarify whether you’ll still be responsible for paying your lawyer if you happen to lose the case.

Do I Have a Case?

Because the legality of car accident fault is complex, your questions for lawyers should always include whether your case is worth pursuing.

A good attorney will take the time to review your case for free or, at most, a very small consulting fee. They’ll determine whether you have a valid legal claim for compensation that would hold up in court. If a lawyer admits your chances of winning are slim but pressures you to press charges anyway, thank them for their time and get a second opinion.

Can I Talk to a Past Client?

Reading reviews online is a great way to decide which accident lawyers to contact, but it’s always best to talk with a real client before deciding to hire them. Many lawyers will be happy to put you in touch with someone they’ve worked with in the past.

Even if you can’t speak with a client, don’t rely on the lawyer’s website testimonials alone. While these may be statements from real clients, they could be edited to paint the attorney in a more positive light.

Remember These Good Questions to Ask a Lawyer

We hope you never find yourself in a situation where you have to hire a car accident lawyer. If you do, though, keep this list of good questions to ask by your side. They’ll help you find the right accident attorney to represent your case and get the compensation you’re entitled to.

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