Gold Foil Boxes with Embossing and De-bossing

Gold foiled boxes are one of the most amazing forms of packaging.Designing them with embossing, de-bossing or other similar techniques can makethem stand out from the crowd. Embossing and debossing are two common andeffective printing techniques that can give an attractive display to yourpackaging boxes. These processes give a unique look to an image/pattern byadding an extra layer of depth, not just visually but also physically. Suchpackaging can make you create a memorable touchpoint with your customers. It isgreat for calling attention, especially towards your brand name and logo.Embossing and de-bossing are frequently being found on the packaging ofluxurious goods, wedding invitations, business cards, and much more. Thesetechniques are used commonly with hot foil stamping to design gold foil boxesand other types of premium-quality packaging.

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Embossing And De-Bossing; Adds An ExtraDimension To Design

Embossing (raised edges) and de-bossing (sunken edges) add an extradimension to your design. The packaging looks highly adorable and offers atactile experience to the customers. Nowadays, embossing and de-bossing areseemed to pair well with spot UV or metallic stamping. Let us take the exampleof the picture below. It displays a debossed gold-foiling line extendingvertically at the edge of the custom box. You can also see an embossed text“White” with a gold foiled stamp at the top. Both options work collectivelyto give a wonderful display.

How Are Embossing And De-Bossing Done?

Embossing is done to raise the pattern, image, or logo for creating3D graphics. You can get this raised design by pushing a metal die onto thepaperboard, cardboard, or any other material from underneath. The raised areawill have the ink or foil applied to it. Sometimes it is also left unprinted orunfoiled, commonly known as blind embossing. Debossing is exactly the oppositeof embossing. In this technique, the metal die is stamped from the front of thematerial. It causes depression to leave a debossed imprint of the image on therequired material. You may choose to leave the debossed print as it (known asblind deboss) or fill the indentation with ink or foil.

The basic difference between both is that embossing is used toimprint a design on a surface while debossing raises that design. However, whenyou are interested in designing gold foil boxes using embossing or debossing,the process is accomplished by using a hot gold foil stamped onto or beneaththe required surface.

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Embossing/Debossing On Gold FoilPackaging Boxes:

When it comes to packaging, embossing and debossing holdsignificant importance industry-wide. They add to the appeal when a package ishandled or touched. Although they create a small and subtle difference in thesurface texture yet the customers feel something amazing to feel. This sense oftouch on your product’s packaging adds elegance and class that is hard toignore. Especially when used in a combination with gold foiling, your packagingstarts feeling more ‘luxurious’. You have seen most of the gold foil boxes withan embossed brand name/logo at the front. Such packaging makes a statement andreflects the quality of your products. Moreover, if your product is going tosell in a retail setting, your boxes are the first thing a customer notices.Especially if he compares two products from the same niche, one packed in aplain box while the other in an embossed gold foil box, the latter one cancreate a big difference. It gives instant value addition to your productsmaking them stand out from the crowd.

Benefits Of The Processes:

Gold foil boxes designed by using embossing or debossing give anintricate look to your packaging. It signifies an extra effort and care put bythe brands to increase the desirability of their product. It also helps inretaining the customer interest. Here we are going to explain some of the morebenefits of these processes:

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A logo on your gold foil box will ‘pop’ when embossed or debossed.It makes your package unique when compared to competitors. A logo that standsout and keeps remembered further helps to build your brand identity.

Highlight Important Information:

A three-dimensional area on your packaging boxes will naturallydraw the customers’ attention. Embossing/debossing is an ideal way to highlightimportant information like brand name, product details or contact information,etc.

Increase The Visual Appeal:

Adding embossed or debossed texture to your gold foil packagingmakes it look more aesthetically appealing. Furthermore, such design also captivates a potential consumer and makeshim purchase your product again and again.

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Enhance The Product’s Perceived Value:

An intricate design like embossing/debossing communicates a higher quality of the product. If a customer sees a product and perceives it as of higher value, he will buy it. A plain box can be given a new life with the addition or embossing or debossing.

Adds A Luxury And Professionalism:

Gold foil boxes designed by using embossed or debossed patterns addelegance, a sense of professionalism, and a luxurious appeal to your packaging.Although it sounds a bit difficult to be true, in reality, it is the best wayto deliver your branding message to the customers.  Combining a beautiful gold foil box withembossing/debossing will make your package pop off the shelves by grabbing theattention of potential customers. It can be combined with all foil types tocreate amazing results. All these patterns leave a slight indent on thepackaging as pressed with a strong machine. This helps you to achieve a muchstronger 3D effect.

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