What is GMX Mail Settings for Sign up

GMX mail is a free webmail service provided by GMX (Global messageExchange ) located in Germany. Setting up a GMX account is very easy. Once you create a account of GMX mail, you have to access wide range of offers like Organizer, File storage, Mail Collector and Address Book.

It also gives the offer to its users to register up to 10 GMX email sign up addresses.This webmail is one of the powerful email client solution that’s optimized for desktop and mobile use from anywhere. You can approach to all GMX offers with your smart phone and tablet.

Whether you paid or not for GMX mail, GMX login design is the same. If you want to enjoy all the possibilities of GMX allows its user than first step is to go to the www.gmx.com for sign up the GMX account.

What is GMX Mail Sign Up Setting Account Steps:

  • You are required Computer, laptop, Mobile Phone or Tablet
  • An Internet Connection
  • Here some essential steps for sign up GMX account
  • Open any web browser
  • Go to the official web site of GMX, www.gmx.com and enter
  • You can see the right upper side of the page “sign up” button, press it
  • A form will appears in which you submit  your personal information. like your name, date of birth and gender
  • write the name of country, where you are living currently
  • Now choose the username and password, your username or email address must be unique if isn’t than you cannot be enter for further processing of your sign up account
  • Choose your password. The best way to choose your password is that include any name with some number like ([email protected]#$) and mix up the letters with upper and lower case. In this way the password will be secure and minimum chances to hack your account
  • Next step is the selection of a security question and answer them, this tiny step will helpful to you when you face the issue of forgot your password or login problem
  • Now guess the word and fill it, that called “Captcha”
  • Finally, press the button, “I accept, create my account”

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