Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Arkansas: Steps to Follow


With the advancement and increasing popularity of weed in the medical field, more and more laws have been introduced and changed to adhere to the growing demand for weed and simultaneously to restrain its misuse. Several states of the USA made new laws to ensure the safety of distribution and consumption. Such initiations have led to the necessity of medical cards that confirm the buying and selling of any amount of weed to be legal or otherwise. 

The Medical Marijuana Act allowed the states in which the weed was initially illegal to start accepting applications for medical marijuana cards. In Arkansas, the Arkansan Department of Health (ADH) has been assigned for accepting registrations for the same, given that you are 18 years old, have a qualifying condition, and are citizens of Arkansas. This article will provide a guided procedure that you must follow to get your card.

1.Visit a Licensed Physician:

Choose a physician with a controlled substance license by the DEA in Arkansas and is a doctor of osteopathy or medicine.

  • Print a patient certification form and give it to the physician, since it is to be filled by him after medical examination.
  • Since the ADH does not maintain any unique list, visit a doctor who is open to prescribing medical weed to you. However, you must have a qualifying condition.

2. Ways to Apply

: The required documents for the application are mentioned both in the application form and in the official site of ADH, with a non-refundable fee of about $50. Submission of each is binding. The mandatory documents include the written official certification from the doctor and a photocopy of your driver’s license or state ID card.

  • One could also download the form and send it through the mail if one cannot be physically present.
  • The validation of the certification given by the physician is only for 30days. If you don’t want to revisit the doctor for another certification, be sure to deposit the application form before the validity of the written certification ends.

3. Know the Limitations:

There is no given waiting period for getting your medical marijuana card, so apply with some time at hand. Authorities do thorough background research, so it takes more time than usual.

  • However, from the date of issue, the card will be valid for a year.
  • Any weed should only be bought from a licensed dispensary in your region. If you live in Arkansas, you must obtain the product from an officially approved marijuana dispensary in Conway. Not from any random store.
  • The limited amount that you can carry is 2.5 ounces.
  • A period of at least 14 days has to pass before you can purchase cannabis again.
  • Marijuana can be bought as pills, concentrates, edibles, oils, flower products, vape-liquids, tinctures, and more. 

There are many legal dispensaries officially functional in Arkansas. Controlled usage of weed has done wonders for uncountable diseases. Recent discoveries show that marijuna has more medicinal properties than is known to man. Therefore, make the best use of your card and get the healing benefits of the herbal product.

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