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These days, people tend to focus on staying in trend a lot. The fashion world is constantly adapting styles, bringing in new ideas, recycling the past, merging elements from different areas, and creating unique new trends every day.

While new ones get a lot of hype for being an invention of the current time, the trends that stick for an extended period are the ones that are brought back because they were popular at some point in history. One such trend that was a huge hit back then and has now become one of the hottest party outfits is the gatsby inspired flapper dresses.

These dresses have a classic look to them, and they are available in many varieties. For example, Flapper boutique’s gatsby dresses are making waves during parties these days. Flapper dresses are the perfect outfit for people looking for something that gives a great shape to their body with some added sparkle and shine. 

Gatsby Inspired Dresses – An origin story:  

Between the two world wars, the 1920s was the prime time. People got greatly influenced to enjoy social life post the world war. Hosting and attending parties were among the many other entertainment ventures that people enjoyed during those times.

The influence of movies was kicking in, and it brought the initial push towards idealising fashion and luxury. This was the time when women first started to strive to become more independent.

They began attending parties unaccompanied by male members of their family, trimming their hair, drinking and smoking in public, etc. The word entertainer was then, for the first time, a desirable position. 

These numerable parties that were being hosted gave women enough scope to explore themselves and dive into adapting the glamorous costumes of women who appeared in movies.

A fictional character Jay Gatsby, created by F. Scott Fitzgerald, was famous for the successful and glamorous parties he hosted. That is how the name came about for the gatsby dresses; because these dresses were all the rage during Gatsby’s time.

Gatsby Outfits and Accessories for Women: 

Women were aspiring to look brighter and more dazzling, and thus, these dresses were highly in demand as they had sparkling sequins, loud patterns in bright coloured cloth with fringes at their ends. These dresses were the exact opposite of what women wore before, long dresses that covered most of their bodies.

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These sleeveless, knee-length dresses called flappers were initially seen as an insult to women. Women who wore them were accused of being careless and mannerless, but the dresses later came to be seen as a sign of their independence and outwardness. It was an expression of their loudness and a defiance of the pre-existing demureness that was forced on women. 

Accessories also had to match with this unapologetic way of flaunting oneself. Shoes were produced customarily flashy with a touch of sequins, feathers or just shiny leather. Headbands, pearls, hats, studded jewellery were all a part of this glamorous fashion era. 

Relevance to the current era:

Since this decade is the second coming of the ’20s, the fashion industry brought back the roaring ’20s fashion, marked by the classic flapper dresses. Retro has been making a comeback in recent years, and flapper dresses slid seamlessly into the current fashion climate. Flapper dresses, like Flapper boutique’s gatsby dresses, are a party essential for today’s liberated woman.

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