Franck Muller Review – A Combination Of Class And Innovation:

Do you know what it looks like when a class combines with something innovative? It looks exactly like a wristwatch from Franck Muller. The article will present a Franck Muller review, talking a bit about the story and also highlighting a few notable watches.

It all started when Franck Muller left the Geneva School of Watchmaking. His aim was to work on the restoration of high-end pieces for keen watch collectors and auction houses. 

Later on, he decided to create his own collection of watches and so in 1983 he laid the foundation for the Franck Geneve watch brand.

Franck was not like others who follow the traditional way of watch-making, but he was always looking for innovation. Although at the beginning he was criticized even by some of his own clients he was too stubborn to listen to them. His fondness for the mechanical watches finally bore fruit.

The Trick That Worked:

Franck, firstly, hand-made each watch and tried to craft everything to perfection. Secondly, and most importantly, he embedded a complication or an array of complications so innovatively that the world couldn’t utter a word.

Mostly, the complications revolve around the tourbillon. Sometimes the tourbillon was visible behind the dial, while at others a completely new kind of tourbillon was there. He is the inventor of the triple-axis and Giga tourbillon which is the biggest tourbillon the world has ever seen.

  • Giga Tourbillon measures 20mm in diameter, the largest tourbillon ever.

Things didn’t stop there, Franck introduced the most complex watch ever made in 2010. The Aeternitas Mega is a combination of 1483 parts, comprising 36 different complications. The presence of a tourbillon, equation of time, a total of three time-zones, and the ability to play Carillon de Westminster on every four gongs are just a few to name.

Moreover, in 2013 the new collection ‘Crazy Hours’ hit the world from a different angle. The creativity at its peak allowed Franck to present the watch in a way no one would have imagined.

The numbers on the watches in this collection were all random, and that was not just it. The hour hand flicked between the numbers to tell the true time. Now that is something different which the world has never seen before.

There are many other interesting and surprising things that we will reveal in this Franck Muller review. So, let’s go talk about individual watches to see what complication and class is present in them.

Vanguard Crazy Hours 2019:

This watch features a matte black dial with a sporty carbon-forged case. Carbon gives this watch the durability of steel and the weightlessness of plastic. The watch is produced by mixing the carbon with the resins and compression at high pressure and temperature bonds the two together. A final polish gives the classy outlook common to none.

As for the inner, the whole collection of ‘Crazy Hours’ watches features a random number on the dial. This doesn’t mean the watch will give a wrong time! The hour hand jumps at switchblade speeds between the numbers to give the correct time.

Franck Muller Remember:

Want to travel back to the future? This watch is literally going to take you ‘back to the future’. Confused!

I’m not joking, this watch really turns anticlockwise, with all the numbers placed in the reverse order. Now, be honest and tell me, could you have come up with this idea of ‘reversing’ the time? Of course, Franck Muller has the audacity to come up with such an idea.

Moreover, the whole ‘Remember’ collection features an 18k Rose Gold plating, protected by at least 20 layers of lacquer coating.

Vanguard Yachting Anchor Skeleton:

This is one of the youngest watches from Franck Muller and therefore presents several iconic features. First of all, it is a strong, and dramatic looking wristwatch, featuring openwork movement architecture.

The complete see through design reveals the beautifully crafted blue beams and pillars, supported by the screws. Moreover, the beautiful logo is there at 12, just above the mainspring barrel. The all-visible mainspring barrel is capable of storing energy for as many as 7 days, providing a long reserve.

Although the watch is dominantly masculine, there are few poetic aspects as well. The blue aluminum bridges, seen through the sapphire case back are truly a wonder to look at. Furthermore, the elegant crown guards are there to border the whole crown.

Vanguard Racing 2019:

The subtle metallic curves complemented by the old-school racing outlook, give this watch a truly classic look. This elegant yet fashionable, classy looking mechanical watch induced a renewed energy in the almost 30-approaching watch brand.

The shining rose gold Vanguard case that stands 45mm in width, beautifully manages the large design using the curved case back. Moreover, the popping out indices and inner bezel give a 3D look to the dial.

The only word anyone can use for this watch is ‘Classic’.

Skafander Chronograph 2019:

Skafander means a ‘diving suit’ in Romanian, and that is what this watch is. In fact, this watch is the first professional diving watch from the Frank Muller watches.

The common round bezel design would go with the trademark design of the Franck Muller watches, therefore innovation was once again required. A uniquely designed pusher and a locking system allowed Franck Muller to precisely control the rotation of the inner round bezel while maintaining the tonneau-shaped case.

The watch features 4 pushers to control the timing of the 60-minute counter bezel. 2 pushers on the left are for advancing the bezel by 1 and 5 minutes, while the 2 on the right will start two separate 30-minute counters.

Wrap Up!

Frank Muller review shared the story behind the uniqueness of the Franck Muller watches and also reviewed a few of them.

Truly the watches combine uniqueness with durability and class at the same time. Moreover, the Franck Muller watches inspire us to look at the world from another perspective.

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