Everything You Need To Plan The Luxurious Vacation You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Whether it’s a week in Cabo or a trip across Europe, we all have a certain vacation spot that pops into our fantasies. For most people, that dreamy destination remains just that—a dream—for a long time, if not a lifetime. From time to time, you think about how nice it would be to visit a certain city or country before returning to your day-to-day life. However, you know deep down that you deserve that trip of your dreams in reality, too, and with a simple checklist in mind, you can make that happen.

Destination? Check. 


Before you can dive into really planning your trip, you must take some time to figure out just where you want to go. If this is a specific fantasy vacation, you might already know that you’re looking for something like luxury villas in Cabo San Lucas, each with specific amenities to make your trip even more luxurious. If not, you might know you want to go to Cabo San Lucas more generally, or that your daydreams consist of a lush villa on una playa Mexicana. Whether you start with a particular luxury villa rental in mind or you just know you need to see Los Cabos, some idea of your desired destination is crucial to planning the trip of your dreams. 

Luggage? Check. 


Unless you’re planning to purchase every potential need once you’ve arrived at your destination and donate each piece rather than transport it back with you, you’ll presumably need some luggage to bring your belongings to and from your chosen vacation spot. This considers the all-important suitcase, duffel bag, and other baggage itself, but includes whatever’s inside it as well. Both requirements will vary depending on who it is that’s going on this trip. A girls’ weekend alongside the Sea of Cortez, for instance, might involve an assortment of women’s dressy tops, skirts, or dresses, each designed for an effortless beachy look. A family vacation, meanwhile, might be more focused on packing pool toys and leaving room for souvenirs and merchandise that will last longer than ocean views alone might. 

Budget? Check. 


From luxury rentals to budget hostels, there’s always going to be a price tag on a special occasion such as a dream vacation. Before you dive into confirming bookings, consider what sort of budget you’ll be working with throughout this vacation. You may decide to cook most of your meals to put more money towards the breathtaking views you’ve envisioned, or you might seek out the most budget-friendly Cabo vacation rentals to splurge on other aspects of your dream vacation. In either case, you don’t need to know exactly how much you’ll spend on each aspect of a trip—you’ll just want to have a general idea of what costs will be associated with it. 

Transport? Check. 


You know where you’re going, what you’re packing, where you’re staying, and what you’ll be paying, but how are you getting to your destination in the first place? Consider each element of your trip and find an option that works for you. One person might have an extensive budget and decide to fly first class straight to the concierge; others might prefer to take a more economical railroad trip to arrive at pristine beaches. Like every aspect of your ideal trip, there’s no right answer—just the right answer for you. 

Whether it’s a boat tour along the Gulf or lounging in the sands of Mallorca, there’s surely a spot somewhere in the world that you find yourself daydreaming about every so often. When you find it’s time to go after this fantasy trip, you won’t want to wait. Still, be sure you consider a few crucial aspects of your trip carefully. From lodging and your specific destination to transportation and the friends or family members you’re traveling with, each detail of your dream vacation can make or break your trip. Taking the time to work through your agenda and all its minutiae in advance can make the vacation of your dreams a reality. 

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