Erectile dysfunction: causes and treatment

Erectile dysfunction – when it occurs, a man,rather than seeking help from a specialist, tries to cover this problem evenfrom his partner. This is often a bug. Because if he started treatingimpotence, intimacy life would return to regular faster. Understand the causesand coverings for dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a giant and embarrassing problem for several men. After all, intimacy is one of the weather that unites two people. Lack of successful intimacy contact ends up in the breakdown of relationships. After all, it promotes mental and physical health: it activates the cardiovascular system, the muscular system, and the systema respiratorium, strengthening immunity. It also triggers positive reactions within the brain. So it’s better not to quiet intimacy.

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Erectile dysfunction – who does itaffect?

The problem affects a huge group of men becauseit’s estimated that dysfunction of varying severity affects about 50% of menaged 40 to 70 years. Consistent with a large-scale study, approximately 39% of40-year-olds, 48% of 50-year-olds, 57% of 60-year-olds, and 67% of 70-year-oldssuffer from ED. Epidemiological studies conducted in our country indicate thatthe matter of impotence concerns about 3 million Poles.

It should be noted that this disease affects notonly men but also their partners.

Erectile dysfunction – what are they?

Of course, a proper penile erection is criticalfor satisfactory intimacyuality for both partners and natural fertilization.Unfortunately, this process, like all processes in our body, will be disturbed.

Erectile dysfunction and impotence

The disease has often been mentioned as“impotence,” that is, inability, incapability. Still, within theminds of many people, male erectile dysfunction equals impotence. Currently,this term is being abandoned because of its negative connotation, especiallysince the cited definition of ED is understandable, thoroughly explains thedisease’s essence, and is not harmful to the patient. Vidalista 20 and Kamagra Oral Jelly is the best way to treated.

Erectile dysfunction – causes

Erectile dysfunction has been divided into threecategories, betting on the reason for its development:

Organic disorders related to:

  • abnormal function of nerves, vessels, system
  • abnormal body part,
  • injuries,
  • treating other medical conditions.

Psychogenic disorders – referring to problems ininterpersonal relationships, resulting from professional stress or marriageproblems. They reasonably often affect young men under the age of 35.

Organo-psychogenic disorders – the foremostcommon.

 Dysfunction – symptoms

The disease can take many forms. It manifestsitself as:

Inability to realize an erection – short-term,episodic male erectile dysfunction occurs in stressful situations afterdrinking alcohol and will not be worried about them, but if they persist andoccur regularly, you must consider seeing a doctor;

inability to stay a male main organ erect – it’spossible to induce an erection, but it’s difficult or impossible to take careof it until the semen ejaculates.

How to recognize erectile dysfunction?

It should be noted that ED doesn’t only mean acomplete inability to interact in intimate intercourse. This term includestypes of the disease of varying severity that may be assessed using thespecially constructed IIEF-5 scale. It’s utilized by the doctor trying to workout how severe disorders have developed within the patient presenting with sucha controversy.

Impotence – what’s it?

Impotence is one of the foremost common intimacydysfunctions, manifested by the shortcoming of realizing or maintaining apenile erection. To be able to speak about impotence, the dysfunction mustpersist for a minimum of 6 months. As a result, satisfactory intimacyualityseems to be impossible – the person cannot get an erection sufficient to insertthe male main organ into the vagina or loses his erection shortly after thebeginning of penetration. It should be emphasized that the standard of intimacylife doesn’t plague ED – a person stricken by this ailment cannot achieve anerection, although he feels excited.

There are three basic styles ofimpotence:

Erectile activity, manifested by the lack toattain or maintain an erection despite feeling intimacy ally aroused.

Orgasmic, characterized by an inability torealize intimacy satisfaction (intercourse doesn’t end in orgasm).

Generative, which is characterized byinfertility.

Another division provides for the classification of ED in keeping with the underlying reason behind the matter. During this regard, we divide impotence into two types – psychogenic and organic, also called somatic. The primary type is psychological and most frequently results from a permanent blockage or fear. Within the second case, it’s a controversy that results from diseases, in most cases – vascular. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 is the best way to treat ed.

Impotence and age

According to research, impotence mainly affectsmen between the ages of 40 and 60. Over 5 percent of 35-year-olds havedysfunction of varying severity. Within the case of older men, the frequency ofimpotence increases by about 1% every year. Things aren’t improved by the factthat only but 7 percent. Patients who reported to a specialist continuedtreatment. The remainder of the drugs is taken very quickly. It’s estimatedthat out of all people laid low with ED, as many as 10 percent. Is unable toinduce an erection. At the same time, every tenth patient visits the doctor.

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