How to Setup Enable Two Factor Authentication on Twitch Account Adds as Thread of Data Breach

Twitch also adds the Feature of Two Factors Authentication. Once you enable Two Steps Authentication. You will be able to receive the activation code on your smartphone once you enable this feature you will not have to give password again and again. Whenever, you want to twitch login, you don’t have to give password.

Twitch is basically Live Streaming Platform and its official website is Twitch Interactive is basically a Subsidiary of The thing is that Twitch is providing some serious protecting to Millions of People. Means twitch the popular gaming service has rolled out two steps Authentication. But the fact is that they helping their users to fortify their account.

Let me tell you that the method to enable two steps Authentication is quite Simple. It may be Difficult for the users who are enabling this feature for the First time. So, don’t worry about it, just focus on the Below tutorial. As the e-Sports is going out the Race. There is a great opportunity to impress the Users. And Twitch is doing it Quit Nicely.

As there was thread of Data breach. Twitch Already warned its users about this thread. Soon, months later Twitch has enabled two-steps Authentication. But company already have said that it is for sure that the Password and Account information of some users may have Already Stolen. So, make sure that you are not one of those.

But you must be careful about your Account because if you haven’t used two steps Authentication. Then you must also be aware of this thread with your account. So, what are you waiting for. Get your Twitch account secure by following these steps.

Method to Enable Two-Factor Authentication

The method to enable Two Steps Authentication is quite Simple. Following are the main Steps to enable two steps Authentication in Twitch.

Firstly, visit twitch official website means Twitch TV. When the page is opened then you have to go to Make Strikes Back. A drop-down menu will appear. Then from the Drop-Down menu click the option of Settings. You will be promoted to Settings Page.

From the Categories Select the Security and Privacy. When you click this option you will automatically see the option of Two Steps Authentication. Click on Set up Two Factors Authentication.

Next you have to give your current password of your account. Then Click on Login. Then give your Phone number. You will receive code on the number that you had already gave.  Give that code in the Required field.

Now two Steps Authentication is ready for your Account. Means your Account is safe from getting Hacked. Now you must give mobile code and password for login to your account.

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