Does HL7 Integration Improve the Security of Health Records?

The health industry needs to use technology to improve the overall processes of hospitals and clinics. Apart from improving the processes, it can improve patient care too. If you have been to the hospital then, you might complain about the slow processes and inefficiency of the staff. The manual processes and the physical form filling are the main reasons for this slowness. This has raised questions against the security of patients’ data too. The use of HL7 integration can help in solving this issue.

Securing the personal information of patients is very important. When patients provide their information, they put their trust in the hospital or clinic. So, the healthcare providers have to make sure that the information is away from unauthorized users. This is easy when patient records are stored on electronic patient health record software. Electronic health record vendors have made reliable software. They make sure that the information is secure.

The Patient health record software is easy to access for doctors and patients too. Electronic health record vendors have developed them for the convenience of both doctors and patients. Now, doctors do not have to wait for the reports to be on the table in the hard form. They can access every report of any patient and provide treatment accordingly. The biggest benefit is that all the information is secure and no one can tamper or misuse it.

HL7 Integration and Data Protection

HL7 has become a popular and common way to exchange information. Healthcare providers use it to share patient health records from one clinic to another. Interoperability has huge importance and the use of HL7 standards has made it very easy. The exchange of information or medical reports has never been this easy before. Healthcare providers had to send medical reports physically from one place to another. Although it has helped a lot still, there is always a risk of information misuse. 

With the help of HL7 standards, medical practitioners can share the reports electronically. The system can transfer multiple files at the same time across different platforms. Usually, health care providers have the major concern of patient data security. Some cases have been reported in which the patient records have been tampered with. These were the physical records that are easily accessible to everyone. On the other hand, the information shared through online platforms is more secure. 

Patients also feel more comfortable when they do not have to fill physical forms. They prefer going to clinics or hospitals where electronic patient forms are available. Moreover, doctors have also encouraged the use of HL7 integration. It not only offers convenience to patients but doctors as well. Doctors do not have to wait for the patient to come with reports. The patients do not need to carry medical records with them. Plus, there is no risk to the information as far as security is concerned.

HL7 is Secure

Registering a patient on a paper form is not secure. This record is placed in a file where all other records are available too. These files are placed in cabinets that are not secure enough to take good care of the records. On the other hand, HL7 is more secure as it takes care of records in a better way. Moreover, it allows medical practitioners to exchange information without going out. 

Sharing information using HL7 is also secure. There is no need to spend money on courier services to send reports. Courier services have a risk of security theft as well. So, it is better to use secure exchanging means as the information of patients should not be released out. However, HL7 does not encrypt files before sharing still, it is far better than physical means. 

HL7 is Reliable

Reliability is among the most important factors inside any industry. The healthcare industry has significant importance. It has records of patients that can not be compromised as far as their protection is concerned. So, it should use reliable means to store and share information. With increased reliability, you can increase the efficiency of processes. Moreover, you can improve patient care as well. When patient records are stored reliably, they do not have to provide the information again and again. This increases the confidence of patients in your clinic or hospital. They prefer coming to the clinic again when needed as you use reliable means of storing and sharing information. 

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