Different Dog Breeds: Ultimate Guide:

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If you want to play, feed, nurse, nourish, or handle a dog. In a few words, if you want to buy a dog but you are very confused that which breed suits you best. Then here we present you some breeds, which you will definitely love. Though there are more than 200 breeds in the world and we are going to tell you about the best 6 breeds.

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German Shepherd:

It isthe world’s most famous breed of dog. And it #1 breed of dog from 1920 till now, because of their constant and starringroles in Bollywood and Hollywood as well. German Shepherds are larger and theyare commonly found in tan & black or red & black varieties.

Theyare very loyal and protective and this feature makes them an ideal choice for afamily pet.And since they are very much intelligent therefore they are also thefirst choice of police, guard, and military in the world.

  • LabradorRetriever.

Theseare also known as ‘Labs’. Labs are family dogs, which why they always comeunder the top 3 spots in every ranking. The loyalty, intelligence, gentle andmellow temperament makes them popular as a family pet.

Andalso because of these behaviours, they are popular as working dogs too. They workas rescue & search dogs, detection dogs, assistance dogs and much more.

  • GoldenRetriever.

Mostof the people in this world believe that Golden Retrievers are part ofLabrador  Retrievers breed. Do You knowwhy? Because, like Labrador, Golden Retriever is also known for retrieving thatmake great family pets because of their friendly temperament and they are ofsimilar colour as well.

ButGolden Retrievers are a completely different breed. They are very good fortheir obedience and agility training. Their intelligence makes them well suitedfor rescues and search. You must have seen this dog in a Bollywood movie Entertainment.Visit house integrals they have really nice articles on entertainment.

  • Bulldog.

Bulldogsare totally different breeds, as the chances are you either love them or youhate them. But there are enough people who love these unique-looking dogs.Bulldogsare very friendly and loyal to their master.

Thereare two types of Bulldog. First one is American Bulldog and the second one isFrench Bulldog. American Bulldog is larger in size and less stocky than theFrench one. While the French one is smaller like Boston Terrier.

  • YorkshireTerrier.

Celebritiesoften carry pet Yorkies around in their purses, contributing to theirpopularity. Yorkies originate from Yorkshire, England. They have glossy,straight hair and are black and tan. Intelligent, attention-loving dogs, theyare affectionate and protective to their owners.

Whilethese ‘toy’ dogs don’t intimidate with their size, they have a ferocious barkto make up for it. They are also known for their bravery – one Yorkie namedSmoky fought in 12 combat mission and won eight battle stars for her service inthe US Air Force.

  • Boxer.

Like most of the dogbreeds listed so far, Boxers make great family pets. They’re a medium-sized dogthat is playful, energetic and great with children. Boxers are also good guarddogs due to their alertness and strength.

Boxers have short,smooth hair and are usually fawn or brindle in colour, sometimes with black andwhite accents. White boxers, though much rarer, also exist. The breed wasdeveloped in Germany from the English bulldog and the now extinctBullenbeisser.

Conclusion: Keepinga dog is a easy but once they suffer we have to let them go so there is aseparate article on euthanize a dog at home with Benadryl. Kindly go through thearticle.

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