Desktop vs. Laptop for GAMING in 2021

Today we take a look at the age-old question, Desktop vs Laptop for Gaming! Which one of these two would be the right choice in 2021 and beyond?

Let’s find out!

We’ll take questions from Google’s “people also ask” section and answer them here one by one.

Is a laptop or desktop better for gaming?

Traditionally, desktops have always been the better choice for the two for obvious reasons. One of which includes that Desktop is more efficient in terms of airflow resulting in more performance and less heat, and a longer-lasting machine overall.

But nowadays, especially with Apple’s M1 chip, we see hope for complete mobile gaming with laptops in the future, once Apple comes out with more powerful and dedicated GPUs paired with their M1-like processors.

Why the M1?

Because it is the fastest CPU right now on the market unless they come out with their second iteration of the M1, which should be even faster.

And because it’s one of the fastest processors around in terms of single-core speeds, which is essential for gaming, we see it as the future of mobile gaming, once paired with a capable mobile GPU.

It also sips power, meaning longer gaming sessions with less battery drainage.

Now you may not agree with our stance for the M1, but that’s just our opinion and everyone here has a right to share theirs. Use the comments section below.

Can a gaming laptop replace a desktop?

Yes, a gaming laptop CAN replace a desktop.
In fact, a gaming laptop would be a more portable solution if you decide to replace your desktop with a laptop that is capable of playing games, but it will not last as long as you might expect, so there’s always a chance that it’ll die on you sooner than you think.

But again, with Apple’s M1 chip, we have hope for more battery life even with future gaming laptops (macs).

Do Gaming laptops overheat?

Yes, gaming laptops do overheat for sure. But then again, when there’s Apple’s M1, there’s no gaming laptop overheating issues. 😅 

No, seriously!

It’s my first Mac and I have to say, it’s only gotten a little warm to touch when I played Fortnite on my M1 MacBook Air for about 30 minutes or more.

But my gaming laptop from Acer (Predator Helios 300), gets HOT and almost unbearable to touch when I play Fortnite for the same amount of time.

Even though the M1 MBA is fanless while the Acer gaming laptop is not, and it’s got 2 fans that sound like jets taking off when I game.

M1 MBA though, there are no fans there, so no noise or annoyances.


If what you want is portability and the freedom of being able to move whenever and wherever you want with your gaming setup, then yeah, a gaming laptop is exactly what you’re looking for.


But if the pricing is something that concerns you, meaning you want the best gaming experience with as little money as possible, a desktop computer over a laptop is recommended any day.

Does it make sense?

I mean, how’s your personality? Can you picture or imagine yourself with a gaming laptop and playing wherever you like?

Or are you the type of person who likes to sit on a chair all day long and moving even an inch is too much for you, that’s when you should get a desktop instead.

Otherwise, if you’re the first type of person, a gaming laptop is what you need, or should be looking at if you weren’t already.

I personally love the freedom of being able to sit and start working or playing some games anywhere I like, after purchasing the M1 MacBook Air. I hadn’t been able to do that before with my older Acer gaming laptop.

This article was written by our guest author Umar from Laptopar. A place for beginners to educate themselves on which laptop to get that provides them the best performance in as little money as possible.

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