Complete Overview of Social Media Monitoring Features of Android Spy App

Let me start with some eye-opening stats about popular social media platforms.According to Kepios, roughly 57.6% of people are social media users in the world.

October 2021 statistics reveal that 4.55 billion people globally use different social media platforms.On average a social media user 6.7 different social media platforms each month.Two and half hours of every day are spent on the social media of the active users.

According to 2021 October reports 17 different social media platforms that have at least 300 million or more active users.

The famous app list includes Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp messenger, Instagram, and WeChat.

Social media apps are famous among all age groups. Though the selection of the platform differs but the point is everyone loves social media and instant messenger chat apps.


Now let’s talk about too much involvement of these so-called platforms in our daily lives. There are pros and cons and one should be ready to handle both. The use of instant messenger chat apps and social media platforms as a business marketing tool is an open secret in today’s world. Every brand has an official page or account on popular platforms and that is used to reach the potential customers in minimum time. Similarly, teenagers like to explore every app and be the tend.

The only way to keep control of this digital power is through the use of android spy apps like the OgyMogy. The app offers a comprehensive monitoring feature that can help the user to keep a check on all the activities.  Here is a complete overview of social media and instant messenger chat app-related features offered by OgyMogy.

TheOnespy app

Theonepsy is a tracking and android monitoring app applied on digital devices like android, ios, mac, or windows. This app is considered the most powerful tracking software for monitoring and spying on the online activities of your targeted person. It enables you to find every live performance and discover their complete information. TOS secretly works and tracks mobile movements for your targeted phones. It makes sure you find live online performances of a targeted person while using innovative technology.

For Live Streaming Through Facebook:

Facebook one of the famous and most popular social media apps has introduced tons of new features. People usually use the app for business these days but the trend of its usage for entertainment is also common in some communities. android spy app offers a Facebook spy app that lets the user remotely watch every Facebook activity of the target. That includes live streaming through the channel, post and like sand comments, and much more

For IGTV In Instagram:

Instagram the photo and video sharing platform is one of the popular platforms among teenagers. One can share a story post text and even share their opinion in long videos in the form of IGTV. Instagram spy app can let you get on to the target account secretly without them knowing.

For Pubic Stories On Snapchat:

Snapchat is unique as it offers privacy to its user. But no need to worry about the public stories and self-destructing text content as the Snapchat spy app save everything with a timestamp for the user..

For Tinder Partner:

Tinder is used to find a potential partner online. As a parent, you can just save your kid from contacting potential sexual offenders by monitoring their tinder activities with the Tinder spy app. 

For Professional Skype:

Skype spy app records every skype activity of the target and saves it on the web portal of the app.

For Youtube Channels:

Your Tube screen monitoring feature can help the user to keep an eye on the target Youtube activities with timestamp information. That includes channel updates, content, posts and likes, and much more.

For Public Groups on WhatsApp:

Whatsapp another famous instant messenger chat app is used for personal as well as professional use. android spy app offers a WhatsApp spy app feature to keep a check on the incoming and outgoing audio and video call and chat content of the target.

For the Disappeared Content Of Telegram:

Telegram has a self-destructive text message feature. Thus even if the data gets disappears from the target device the app will have the backup of all the data for the user.

Want to monitor the target through their cellphone or laptop well OgyMogy has your back. As the Mac and Windows spy app versions along with the android spy app are the significant qualities of the software. Select the bundle that fulfills your needs and demands and install it in 5-7 minutes by following simple steps. Three different kinds of bundles for a month, season, or six months or year are offered by the app.  

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