Complete Checklist for Apartment Cleaning Before Moving Out

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Before moving out to any property, full cleaning is required. For getting a deposit from the owner, you need to give the property as it is as you took it. Whether you are the owner of the property or you are a tenant, you need a complete checklist for apartment cleaning before moving out. Here we will give you the complete details for tenancy cleaning.

For tenancy cleaning, you have to keep in mind every detail of cleaning so you will not miss anything. Hire a professional agency like Best Cleaners Surrey is the best idea to do tenancy cleaning. Visit for more information. From toilet and bathroom cleaning to removing dust from the ceiling fan, all things should be included in the checklist.

Checklist for the kitchen before moving out

  • Check inside and outside of all the cupboards and cabinets. Clean them thoroughly.
  • Check outside of all electronic appliances.
  • Clean microwave and refrigerator from inside and outside. Check the top of the refrigerator and clean dust. Go through for detailed information about cleaning microwaves and other appliances.
  • Check the downside of all the appliances. Move them if required and clean the bottom surface.
  • Clean sink of kitchen properly. 
  • Clean all bottom surfaces of the kitchen and platform properly. 
  • Clean the stove from the top and also check the bottom and clean it. 

Checklist for the bathroom before moving out

  • Clean cupboard and drawers from inside and outside. Remove all unnecessary things from them.
  • Clean and wipe all the mirrors.
  • Clean bathtub 
  • Clean toilet
  • Clean shower and tiles of the bathroom
  • If there are a hard strain and mark on the tiles and other surfaces then take expert help to clean it properly. Go to for contacting one of the best tenancy cleaning service providers.
  • Clean waterway in all the taps and shower.

Checklist for the bedroom and living room before moving out

  • Check all the ceiling corners and wall corners to remove all cobwebs.
  • Remove dust from the ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Remove dust from all switchboards
  • Clean all the glass window
  • Clean all the mirrors
  • Clean cupboard from inside and outside.
  • Clean surface from the bottom of the bed
  • Clean all door handles and door frames
  • Vacuum clean carpet and sofas
  • Moping the floor of the bedroom and living room

Get the deposit before moving out

Here we will explain some points that will help you in getting a deposit easily before moving out.

Do repair if required

If repair required for anything then do it before moving out. As you know that you can do the same thing at a lower cost. But, if you keep it balance for the homeowner then it will charge you more to do the repair. But keep in mind that you should only repair things that are required. Blindly repair or improve things that do not need repair can also hold a deposit. So act wisely.

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If you have made holes for hanging photos, a clock, or any other things then fill them with putty and paint. Paint walls if required. Use a white bleach pen to hide the marks in the bathroom. If required then replace the fixture of the cooking stove.

Your stuff

You should take all your stuff from the property. Keeping any stuff for the landlord will cost you as the owner will remove it.l Check all the areas for such things before moving out.

Also, give all the keys to the home to the owner without missing a single one. Before you plan for moving out, give notice to the homeowner in advance before a month.

Do list while tenancy

  • Only make holes on walls when you really need them. You can use other ideas like holders that stick on the walls.
  • Care your renting property like your own property. Keep clean the kinds of stuff that have a higher chance to get dirty easily.
  • Pay your rent on time as per the monthly schedule. This will help you to make good relation with the landlord.
  • Ask the owner to do a move-out inspection of the property. Complete all required suggestions by the owner to get the deposit.
  • Move-in inspection is also important to take a look at the property. Take photos of everything before move-in. Also, take photos of any damages so you can show them while the move-out inspection.

Keeping in mind all these things will help you to get the deposit easily from the owner of the property. We hope all these checklists will help both homeowners and tenants to keep records of important things.

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