Dental hygiene is as important as every other problem in the body but is usually ignored for longer than it should be. Everyone experiences dental issues regularly, but it is extremely tough to spot them until they peak. Finding the best dentist in Capalaba could be helpful to treat these issues with utmost care and precision without any worries of mishandling or bad treatment. Here are some common problems one experiences in their oral habits that can be detected way before reaching their optimum levels, so it is easier to prevent or treat them.


Cavities can cause permanent damage to the surface of the teeth and spread deep inside, therefore, causing irreparable changes. This is mainly caused by eating sugary snacks or junk eating that leaves residuals in the teeth, mutilating it by slowly deteriorating the outermost layer. In addition, bacteria and other microbes can cause softening of this layer enough for it to cut through the hard surface. This can be prevented by constantly cleaning the mouth after eating anything and also avoiding the settling of sugary substances. Cavities can be spotted easily since they are brown or white spots that look very different from the original tooth colour, and it is advisable to visit a dentist soon after spotting them. This loss of tooth structure can also be linked to erosion which needs professional attention.

Bad breath:

This is a very general problem among a mass of the population. They do not just arise out of bad eating habits and smelly food but can also be due to irregular care for teeth. Bad dental health is a major cause of bad breath, and it is necessary to spot its reason. It can mostly arise out of any problem in the mouth, be it gums, teeth, or the tongue. It can cause bad breath and lead to bigger problems if not immediately looked at. The most common diseases that can be behind bad breath are gingivitis, tooth decay, and halitosis.


The gums and the teeth usually cause tooth sensitivity right above it. This problem can be caused by various unhealthy processes like consuming acidic products, applying too much pressure on it, damaging the gums by brushing too hard, and much more. Sensitivity causes weak gums triggered by eating too cold or too hot substances that may hurt or cause a shocking sensation of tingling in the mouth. These symptoms can be noticed very early if the gums hurt on consuming hard to bite ingredients or even temperature-wise. One homemade cure is to consume anchovies mixed with different foods or use sensitive toothpaste and balms that soothe the gums.

Mouth cancer:

People usually pass the symptoms off as a normal dental issue, leading to the spreading of the disease over time. This disease affects every part of the mouth and causes swellings that can be incurable. Some common symptoms are casual bleeding, numbness, cysts or hardened spots in or around the mouth, and much more. Any dentist in Capalaba can find out such problems immediately. It is best to pay frequent visits to ensure one’s dental health is stable and healthy.

Apart from these, there are many other dental problems one faces in their daily life. It is important to brush regularly and floss every part to keep it clean and shining. Wash the mouth after every meal to make sure every sticky substance is cleared out, so the teeth remain sparkling white!

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