Checklist for Buying the Right Pair of Sunglasses

Apair of sunglasses is a great companion on a sunny day, whether on the road, orwater or beach. On the other hand, wearing the correct shades is the bestprevention against UV radiation causing short and long-term eye damage.

According to studies, accumulated UV radiation from the sun increases the chance of cataracts, which is a leading cause of blindness globally. Photokeratitis, or temporary blindness, can also be caused by even a few hours of strong UV exposure. While anybody can be affected by these problems, youngsters and those with light-coloured eyes should be extremely careful because the sun’s rays may damage their eyesight. It is therefore imperative to always invest in quality eyewear like Carrera sunglasses.

Carrera sunglasses

Hereis a list of things to keep in mind when shopping for sunglasses to protectyour eyes from the sun:

Make it a hundred percent

Whenchoosing sunglasses to protect your eyes, the most crucial item to look for isa sticker or tag showing that they block 100 percent of UV radiation. In mostcases, fewer than half of people buying sunglasses check to see if the lensesshield their eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Bigger is better

MoreUV protection(coverage) provided by sunglasses results in less damage to theeyes. Consider purchasing bigger or wraparound-style glasses, which assistreduce UV exposure from the side.

Darker lenses do not provide superior protection

Whileblack lenses may appear to block more UV rays, they do not necessarily do so.

It makes no difference what colour you use

Thelenses on some sunglasses are amber, green, or grey. They do not block moresunlight, but they can improve contrast, which may be beneficial to athleteswho play baseball or golf.

Polarised glasses blocks glare, not UV

Polarisationcuts down on glare from shiny surfaces like water and pavement. This does notprovide additional sun protection, but it can make driving and roving on thewater safer and more comfortable.

Cost should not be a factor

Sunglassesdo not have to be always expensive to be effective. Less expensive pairslabelled as 100% UV-blocking can be just as effective as more expensive ones.

Youcan also look for these special features while buying sunglasses.

Polarised Filter

Polarisedsunglasses help to decrease the reflected glare when sunlight bounces off flatsurfaces like water or pavement. This is very useful whether boating, driving,or out in the snow. Because polarisation has nothing to do with UV protection,you will need to double-check the lenses’ UV absorption. You may considerchoosing brands like Carrerasunglasses for better features.

Mirror Coating

Severalthin layers of coatings can help minimise the amount of visible light thatenters the eyes. In high-glare environments, they are especially more effectivewhen paired with a wraparound frame. They may also offer additional protectionto the skin around your eyes.

Photochromic Lenses

PhotochromicLenses are lenses that change colour when exposed to light. In strong light,these lenses darken automatically, and in low light, they lighten. Althoughphotochromic lenses are excellent UV-absorbent sunglasses, they will take a fewminutes to adjust to various light conditions.


Thereare no fully shatterproof lenses. Regarding impact resistance, all eyewear mustmeet minimum standards. When compared to plastic lenses, glass lenses are morelikely to fracture when hit. On the other hand, polycarbonate lenses areutilised in many sports sunglasses and are more impact-resistant thanconventional plastic lenses. Look for scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses ifyou decide to get these.

Buyingthe right pair of sunglasses is not simply a matter of style but also a majorprotector against harmful rays of the Sun. Consider the points given abovewhile purchasing a brand new pair of sunglasses that suit your requirement.

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