Capital One 360 Review Checking & Saving Account

Most of the people searching to know about Capital One 360 checking account. Basically it is online banking account & deposit available via bank transfer & mobile app. If you are looking for free checking and saving accounts with top-notch banking. Strong customer support plays vital role to manage your account online.

Capital One 360 is the best choice. Basically, Capital One 360 is the extension of the former online banking brand ING direct so if you are familiar with it then probably you will find many familiar features of ING Direct at Capital One 360.

Benefits of Capital One 360:

Capital One 360 is mainly an online bank which offers the checking and saving accounts along with the certificates of deposits. It offers competitive rates which are good enough. If you have a lot of cash money then you can easily earn an extra 0.05% APY at Capital One 360. If you are concerned with the fraud then relax because Capital One 360 accounts are FDIC insured which is its plus point. However, Capital one 360 has limited branch access that’s a bit bizarre but demonstrates that Capital One is leading the way when it comes to rethinking stodgy banking.

Savings at Capital One 360:

Saving accounts play a key role in banking performance and indeed the Capital One 360 offers the excellent saving accounts which pay a decent return with no monthly fees. You can expect to earn more at Capital One 360 than any other banks. You can easily check your balance and deposit your check through its app.

Capital One 360 provides its customer a variety of options under one roof. However, one thing to remind us that their rates are constantly changing so always checks their websites in order to be updated. Capital One 360’s savings interest rate is 1.00% APY, more than 10 times the national average. One of its most exciting features is its ability to open up 25 separate savings accounts and to use an automated savings tool to set and track goals.

Checking at Capital One 360:

Capital One 360 is a convenient place with zero maintenance fees and required no minimum balance. It pays interest which is substantially higher than the national average of 0.06%. it also offers its customer free access to over 39000 ATMs that are part of all point networks. Similarly, the ability to write checks ordered from the Capital One, free ATM/ Debit card provision, remote check deposit, overdraft line of credit, free person to person payment and ability to use capital one bank branch are its additional features of checking accounts. These features are somehow similar to ING Direct except some.

Capital One Kids Account:

Capital One 360 offers saving accounts for children known as kids saving account again it has no fees and required no minimum balance. It allows your child to have an account and save money on his/her name. One unique feature is that the child will have its own login credential so they can see their own account and the parents have control over deposits and withdrawals until the child turns 18 and then the account is converted to a standard 360 Savings Account.

Capital One 360 Business Account:

Capital One 360 offers a business account with no fees and no minimums to use but it requires additional forms to set up an account in the name of your business. However, the business saving account doesn’t pay as much as standard account pays.

Capital One 360 CDs:

Capital One 360 offers a range of certificates of deposits (CDs) with varying terms and APYs. You can use it to beef up your returns CDs term ranges from 6 months to 5 years so you can find a time range that fits your needs.

In addition to the above accounts, Capital One 360 offers a variety of other types of home loans.

Pros of Capital One 360:

  • Required No fees charge to open or maintain checking and savings account.
  • Required no minimum balance
  • Access easily through mobile App
  • Offers a customer service 24/7
  • Free access to up to 39000 ATMs

Cons of Capital One 360:

  • Few local branches
  • Mobile App is not foolproof
  • Its rates are not too much best

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