Can Colloportus be broken by Alohomora?

Colloportus is one of the most famous magic spells used in the Harry Potter series. It was not only used by one but many of the cast in the series. We all know about the fame of Harry Potter and how everyone wants to understand it better. That is why fans ask that can colloportus be broken by Alohomora? The answer to this question is yes that you can use this as a counter-charm. Also you can visit this amazing blog for more information

Alohomora is the incantation in Harry Potter where you will see the cast using this for unlocking charms. Of course, it means you use it when there is a counter charm or a locking spell called Colloportus. 

What does colloportus do?

The locking spell Colloportus is a charm that is used in the Harry Potter series to lock doors. It makes it completely locked and no one can open it until anyone uses a counter-charm. The counter charm is Alohomora that you can see Hermoine using in the The Philosopher’s stone. The charm ‘Colloportus’ was first ever used in the late 1980s by Professor Filius Flitwick at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The spell was taught to the students of the fourth year in the Charms class.

Moreover, in the The Order of the Phoenix, Hermoine’s Colloportus charm was undone by Alohomora. So, if you are thinking can collopotus be broken by Alohomora, then yes it can. 

Can colloportus be broken by Alohomora – History of Alohomora:

This amazing charm takes us back to the Western world tracing back to Edlon Elsrickle. He learned the spell from an Ancient African sorcerer who used this spell for stealing. He did many robering in the past in many homes of London. One can easily find this spell in many books, including the Standard books of spells. You can remember Hermoine saying Ronald Weasly in the Socerrer’s stone about the book. 

Colloportus charm was already used on the door when the three friends reach there hiding from Mr. Finch. One of the intriguing realities about this spell is that one of the educators at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft utilized it on his own body. In certain references, it is asserted that it was as a matter of fact Professor Albus Dumbledore who utilized the Colloportus engage on his eyes.

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Can colloportus be Broken by Alohomora – Does Colloportus only work on doors?

One of the every now and again posed inquiries by Harry Potter fans is accomplishes Colloportus just work on the doors or not? All things considered, the response to this inquiry can be a bit interesting. Most importantly the name of the spell proposes that it must be utilized for portus (portus meaning door). In any case, both in the books just as the motion pictures, the spell can be seen utilized on entryways and windows. 

It is depicted that the spell can be utilized on windows and different articles. For instance, it very well may be projected on a wizard’s trunk, storage room, or some other article. A few fans accept that this spell can be utilized on numerous articles while some accept that it very well may be just be utilized on doors.

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