Buy the correct tapware by following this guide

A dizzying array of bathroom taps is available, giving you options for the shower, bathtub, or basin in your bathroom. Bathroom tapware should not only be practical and straightforward to operate, but it should also include an aesthetically pleasing design that works well with the rest of your bathroom. Mondella has diverse tapware that may be customised to fit any environment. Here is an overview of the many things to think about and instructions on picking the best taps for your bathroom. You can refer to them when building one or renovating to get the best for your dream bathroom.

Focus on the function initially

It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of your taps, but it’s crucial to keep in mind how you want to put them to use. Before deciding, you must consider the kinds of fixtures you already have. Do you want anything that is put on the wall or something that is mounted high over your basin? Should you instal a spout that is very lengthy and reaches over your bathtub? If you instal them, will they take up too much space in your shower?

Water saving

It is in your best interest to verify the WELS rating printed on your taps’ packaging if you are interested in doing your part to help the environment and save some money. A product with a better star rating uses less water overall and has a lower monthly expense.

Taps or Mixer

Because the cost of taps and mixers is comparable, the decision is ultimately yours. It will mostly depend on the design of the basin or bath you choose to use.

The primary distinction between the two is that mixers are sold as a single device, whereas taps often consist of a three-piece assembly that includes a spout. The three-piece set has a more classic appearance, while the mixers are best suited for more contemporary environments.

Crosshead and lever taps are the most typical types of faucets. There are many different kinds of these, such as wall-mounted faucets, pedestal taps with double or single levers, and wall-mounted faucets without levers.

Mixers, instead of taps, only require one spout to deliver hot and cold water. This advantage is that you will have easy control over the temperature of the water flowing through your system. In addition, you just need to give them a light push to switch them on or off.


Because faucets are supplied separately from fixtures, you are responsible for ensuring that the two will work together. Taps built for one fixture will suit other fixtures made for the same type, although some taps are designed to fit just one type.

Tap placement is another important consideration that has to be given your attention. Where exactly will they be sitting—in the centre, off to the side, and how much room do they require behind them? Because these problems don’t often arise until the installation, you should consider them.

Combine and contrast

Bathroom tapware designed to complement your bathroom decor can help your space appear more cohesively put together. Every tap and mixer the market offers comes with a family of complementing goods designed to complement your sense of style. Each product within each family has been created to complement the other products in the family, making it simple to match the look of your bathroom.

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