Buy Cryptocurrency with PayPal:

The cryptocurrency market is growing and there are different options were to buy these. It’s common to use credit- and debit cards to buy them, but another option is PayPal that becomes more popular to exchanges and brokers. Here is a guide that will tell you how to buy cryptocurrency with PayPal. 

Trading platforms


The trading platform eToro is one of the most common trading platforms where you can buy Bitcoin with a PayPal account. The reputation of eToro shows, that it is huge in 140 countries all over the world with around 25 million users. It is known for its safety, and you can invest in different coins like Bitcoin, ETH and Altcoins over the browser or the app on Android or iOS. The paying is transparent with only 1% of fee. There is a new pricing structure, where you can buy coins for a cheaper price, which makes it more attractive. It is ideal for buying Bitcoin with your PayPal account, which makes the process automatically faster. The deposit of the platform is free, and the minimum is only $10. Without a USD currency, there is only a small fee of 0.5%. 


The trading platform Binance is the most popular one on the market. You can find any coins on it and can trade over 500 assets. Bitcoin is the most popular coin that everyone knows. Bitcoin became wealthy and rich over the years. One of the reasons, why people invest in Bitcoin and see it as a long-term thing. 

Other than that, the platform also includes crypto-to-crypto and DeFi token. Most of the people use it as an exchange to trade their FIAT money into cryptocurrency. On Binance, you can also pay with PayPal, but you must go through another trading service on the platform. Every trade on the platform costs 0.5% fee. Binance has so much more to offer than other trading platforms, like investing in NFT with low fees. 


There are many reasons to pay with PayPal instead of credit-or debit card. There are plenty of benefits when it comes to that. PayPal has more than 390 million users all over the world. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to use PayPal as payment option: 

The withdrawal with PayPal is way faster than online banking. With the structured menu on the platform, you can link a trading account to your PayPal and manage it easily. It only takes a few minutes to get it done.

Not to forget to mention, the level of security is high. One of the reasons, why traders prefer PayPal to other payment methods. The platform assures you, to keep your transactions and security data, including data protection to treat it confidentially. Another feature is the emails that are sent to you while making a transaction. This is useful to remind you with a receipt. Behind the scenes, PayPal has a security team that will notify you, if there is anything suspicious on your account. 

The mobile app is user-friendly too with great features. It is available on Android and iOS where you can send money anywhere you want around the globe, while using an email address or mobile number of the recipient. It is a great thing, that you can track your transactions, so you can be sure, that no one is hacking your account or taking advantage of it.

According to the PayPal popularity by payment methods, you can see a development with paying technology into gaming. Since the late 90s, PayPal is a big name in payment services. PayPal also has many benefits in the gaming scene where,  for example nowadays, gamers can find different PayPal casinos to enjoy. As mentioned before, it is also a quick payment method to use in online gaming. Before doing a transaction, you must go through a verification and enter your information. For double-checking PayPal also have a look at the online platform to make sure that it is safe and secure.  It also includes many safety measures like Purchase Protection, SSL and Fraud Protection. Other benefits are mentioned before that also apply to this one. All in all, PayPal is uncomplicated and convenient for every user. 

Buying Bitcoin on the platform is only available in the UK and US. You can buy different coins like ETH, BCH, and others for $1 only, which is a good start for beginners of the crypto world. One thing you should know is, that you cannot move your stocks to another wallet (external one). Also, the PayPal fees that are related to cryptocurrencies are higher than others. If you invest up to $100 you must expect fees of 2.30%. The percentage can get higher when your amount of money is more. 

All in all, PayPal is a great payment method in daily life, but also for other things like shopping and investing. It is recommended to use the app eToro for starters if you want to invest in cryptocurrency. Nowadays, technology has so much to offer, and we should take advantage of that. 

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