Bring Smart TV To Your Home For Better Experience: Movies & Games

With the advancements made in technology, and the leaps and strides we’ve witnessed in the consumer electronics segment when it comes to innovation by the brands, it comes as no surprise that we are now surrounded by ‘smart’ appliances. From TVs to smartphones, refrigerators, air conditioners, and even washing machines; we are well and truly on our way to creating a utopian society.

Most of us either own a smart TV, or want to be the owners of a new smart TV in the not-so-distant future. Smart TVs have changed the way we consume content, and the way we work. Furthermore, we now get smart TVs at affordable rates. With brands like Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus and VU entering the smart TV market, other brands like Sony and Samsung have also had to cut prices, and make their models affordable.

However, if you still belong to the group of the undecided few, here are a few reasons why you should purchase a smart TV.

Greater convenience 

The biggest selling point of a smart TV, since the very beginning, has been the convenience it offers to the users. If you want to watch your favourite movie online, you no longer have to rely on your laptops, or settle for 6.5-inch mobile screens. Instead, you can use your smart TV to watch anything and everything you want. From the most popular movies and TV shows on OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, to watching cricket and football matches on apps like Hotstar + Disney, you can stream your favourite content without any hassles.

World at your fingertips

You can now buy a 40-inch LED TV, and be up-to-date with everything happening around the world. Smart TVs bring the world to your fingertips, as you can watch news, livestream events, and browse social media applications by using your smart TV. Furthermore, some of the best TV offered by top brands such as Samsung come with voice assistants, such as Google Assistant and Alexa, which makes things even easier for you, as you can command them to do everything on your behalf!

Online gaming

You can also play PC games on your smart TVs via free apps like Stream Link, or you can even download gaming apps from the Google Play Store if you own an Android TV! Thus, not only do smart TVs let you play games through gaming consoles, but you just as easily download gaming apps, and quench your thirst for serious gaming.

Smart TVs also come with multiple connectivity options, such as an HDMI port and USB ports. You can connect your Xbox or PlayStation, or any other gaming console you may have to the TV, and play your favourite games in high resolution. If you have a 40 inch LED TV, or a 45-inch LED TV with full HD resolution, you can see everything with crystal clear clarity and detail.

Cheaper than ordinary LED TVs

Another compelling reason to buy a smart TV, is because smart TVs today are relatively cheaper than ordinary LED TVs. For instance, the 32-inch LED TVs offered by brands like OnePlus, Realme, VU, Xiaomi and even Samsung are cheaper than most of the 32-inch Sony Bravia LED TVs that are not smart TVs. 

The same goes for LED TVs offered by most other brands. This is as good a reason as any, considering the fact that you can surf the web, access your social media accounts, stream movies and TV shows, and watch your favourite games live through online streaming, all the things you cannot do on a normal LED TV.

If you’re worried about the cost of your favourite smart TV, you don’t have to pay anything upfront. Instead, you can use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, and buy your favourite smart TV model on easy EMIs. You can repay the amount in convenient monthly instalments, with flexible tenors ranging from 3-24 months.

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